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3/31/2008 c3 17the flaming river
I know I've reviewed before but it's been awhile. I like this story as much as I liked it last year and I know you haven't updated in a very long time. I just wish you would pick this story up again because it is so great. And anyway it seems like you have at least the idea for the next chapter down so even if it is just one more chapter it would be worth celebrating. I'll be waiting and hoping. Great writing!
2/4/2007 c4 the flaming river
Oh common! Don't tell me you abandoned this! I beg you, beg you to write more. Please!
8/15/2006 c3 2Kayla Christine
Joshua you write wonderfully, you really do, but I have already said that many times. My reason for reviewing a hundredth time is this. Chapter 10 has been rewritten, and chapter 11 will be up soon. Please go re-read, because I am going in anew direction. Much Love,Kayla Christine
7/22/2006 c4 blahness
i wonder what happens next. pretty good. go on with the story, please!
7/7/2006 c4 4BlueEmerald4
Hey, I'm really liking this story, its got a... flow to it to say the least. This is really indepth too as it is and i cant wait to read the next chapter(s).-Liz
7/4/2006 c4 2Kayla Christine
You're leaving and not updating for like..ever! No! Well... at least you left me with two chapters to read. Caylian is the best name ever. I love it. I may have to steal it (if that's ok with you!) Talia is updated as well!
6/28/2006 c3 5Ryudo Skywing
Well, so far so good. I like Scarlet, but I think the name is a slight bit overused for the background. I like the golems but why is earthermancy forbiden on her field?

It seems taht some more background is needed on the acadmey and its true purpose. Keep up the good work, Ill be watching from this point on.
6/25/2006 c3 Queen Maab
Hey Joshua,I'm A big fan of yours and I have read all your stuff so here is my two cents.The idea isn't orginal but with fanatasy it is very hard to come up with and orginal idea so i'll forgive you.

The writing leaps and jumps around like living flame itself, fanatasic and fast paced. I hope you get to the background soon because the lack of depth in the character is making it difficult to connect with them.

Emotions don't seem very strong in this story so far. We seem to have a very emotionless envioronment. And the setting could be described more.

okay I have nitpicked far enough BUT IT"S REALLY GOOD SO FARkeep it up Josh.

Queen Maab
6/24/2006 c2 2Kayla Christine
Yay you updated!

"Scarlet stood before he classmate"

I think you meant her, just so you know!

Other than that it's still awesome. Your names rule too, they're so original!

I updated Talia, too, so go read if you like!
6/20/2006 c1 angela
I came over from your mom's site...this is good. Is this just part of a story or what? Sounds almost like a movie or something...Good twist with the theif being a girl...Good use to setting details...
6/19/2006 c1 Mean Jean
Hey liked your story. It was a quick read and very entertaining. Your writing held my interst and I was able to easily visualize with the details you gave...which is what I like when reading. I'm not into fantasy so I'm not normally up to reading it. But Mean Jean says good stuff keep up the writing.

Codeman says he enjoyed it too. He said to tell you so.
6/15/2006 c1 Kayla Christine
Very well written, and very descriptive! I enjoyed reading this, and you put up another chapter soon! I'd say more, but then I'd to point out grammar or something and I suck at grammar! Please return the favor, R&R my story Talia!

Kayla Christine

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