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1/29/2007 c12 Abenaunce
I have found you Venusvadore, or...Dollface Dead as you now are. Congradulations on the new installment. I am not one who leaves many reviews, but I did promise you a long one. I would rather not die today. I must say, this story is amazing. Vampies are just your thing aren't they? heh heh, horny vampies. You did good writing it from a male perspective as well. I am proud of you accomplishments. And ENOUGH of me writing properly cause its gettin on my nerves...haha, so um..yea...a long review..well, reveiws sometimes critique so i'd say put some description thingies in the story, cause i wanna know what ash's and mix's sexy bods look like. is THAT long enough for you? I WUV YOU MY LOVEY, and keep up the chappies and i shall faithfully review. love from marby and lizi
1/17/2007 c12 1N.S. Blanchard
I really liked this chapter. My great eyes didn't catch any mistakes. See you soon.
1/17/2007 c5 N.S. Blanchard
"Ash, you're hurting me," she cried, her voice cracking. Hot tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, so afraid of what she wad doing.

-In that line, I think you mean for it to be was.

See! I can spot them...sometimes.
1/17/2007 c2 N.S. Blanchard
mysterious. just wondering, do you plan your whole plot/storyline beforehand, or write as you go?
1/17/2007 c1 N.S. Blanchard
I finally got around to reading your stuff. I'm sorry it took so long. I'm not great at pointing out errors, so the ones in your story will probably go unnoticed by me. I'm one of those readers who skims and reads too fast for their own good.

I like your descriptions of each of the characters. Especially the white hair part. I am really in to this.

6/23/2006 c8 13ravishingdarkness01
Heehee, I'M BACK LOVEY! I love the song choice, "The Funeral of Hearts," But you needn't not tell anyone like c about that. Anyway, back to reviewing. I love how you've written it. And I lovey steve the kitten, lol. I shall be your faithful reviewer as long as you keep reminding me.
6/22/2006 c6 9SapphireIris
Since you asked nice... :) Anyway, I like how you pay attention to detail. Especially how their friendships all interconnect with one another, and how they dress, etc. I would like you to set the scene more often, as in "There were trees" or "it was snowing", or something like that... you know what I mean. Anyway-

I know I said in my profile that I wouldn't read it, but you are a reviewer and you did ask very politely!

It'll go in R3, but it seems that now that I have one review section, now I have people lining up for the advertisements... so you'll go in within the next two or three chapters, maybe the next one.

This is a very, very long review. I need to stop now before it takes up a whole page...

6/21/2006 c1 13ravishingdarkness01
I love it, continue on! I'll continue reviewing. I'd have to say my favorite character at the beginning was Ash, but that all began to change. lol. Keep it up.

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