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for Ana:)

4/3/2006 c1 Malevolencey
I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is sort of... really bad. Still, if my friend wrote a poem about me, I would be happy no matter how much it sucked.

I would have included more in jokes in a poem about my friends, but that's just me.

Squee, I s'pose Ana appreciates it.
9/9/2003 c1 118Yaquel Visain
I thought the title said "Anal" o_0

Anywho, this poem was kinda lame.
7/14/2001 c1 annamananna

Great poem my friends (or at least 2 of them) are always calling me ana banana
6/5/2001 c1 Ana
Hi! Kool!~ Thanx. Who's "Crystal" and who's "U r a nice person"?

4/8/2001 c1 you r a nice person
al you are a nice person and so is ana banana
3/19/2001 c1 21Snow Queen
Nope I don't think I know you this is about Woodie! At least that is the Ana I know's pen-name. Do you really have a bf named Matt? That is weird. And a friend named Maddy? The Maddy I know spells her name with a Y at the end, not IE. Well, bye!
3/14/2001 c1 Crystal
lol. That sounds like Ana alright.
3/14/2001 c1 Ana
errr...thanx. J/k. My name is Ana, and mai nickname is also Ana Banana. There's a small chance I might know you. Anyway, nice poem!
3/3/2001 c1 7Woodie

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