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for Mirror Girl

4/25/2005 c1 7TigHan
this is a gorgeous poem... i love how it rhymes! and its so true. it is truly awesome how you capture the image of a girl in the mirror. well done!
1/7/2005 c1 28Orphans' Wail
sort of cliche, but very powerfully written
6/18/2004 c1 9Evi P
I feel connected with this poem. I think many will. It's an interesting perspective on the vision of ourselves we see in the mirror. Many might see something hideous in themselves, or someone that is fearful and lost. Here, she sees truly what she desires to be. I like that.
5/10/2002 c1 26Slave of Socks
interesting. you're rhythm could be a little better, and it doesn't quite make sense in places, but i like it a lot. rather inspiring, in a way. ^_~
5/2/2002 c1 natmarie
I really like the whole mirror thing

4/5/2002 c1 48Midnight01
I won't. ;-) Great work you have here.
3/27/2002 c1 68LunarBard
That is really good. Took me a few times to read it through. It's really long, and it FORCES you to read carefully, so you catch all of the different points.
7/20/2001 c1 2Evelyn Johnson
AUWWW I loved this! it's so tru! =*)
7/7/2001 c1 empty account
That was beautiful.
6/15/2001 c1 40That Firefly Chick
Wow...this poem isn't worth words...it's worth more...wow..*stares in awe* Very...very..beautiful...*clicks the favorite button*
6/9/2001 c1 1Jello1
I really really like this one. This is going under the favorites list. Your poems truly can change someone, can they change me? Thats the question everyone will ask.
5/3/2001 c1 23audi
but ain't it the truth?
4/11/2001 c1 38The Beast
wow... kinda gives me the sense that the world is passing me by... this is definitly going in my favorites.
4/10/2001 c1 50Kittioto
WOW, you are a MUCH better poet than I... and I like the way you ryme in this one especually. So far this is my favorite poem that you wrote... it's going on my favorites ^_^ I like the third and fifth lines the best... especually the "Though she's just a mirror girl, lonely as can be,

She's learned a life long lesson that's she's trying to teach me.." part. Lovely. Anyway, great job!
3/1/2001 c1 Kiryea
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