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8/6/2010 c2 4herosaver
ha! i love it! i hope you continue!
8/1/2010 c2 3aby pwn u
haha! YES! Oh...CHOCOLATE! He's DEFINITELY a keeper ;)
6/5/2010 c2 peacelover94
This is cute! :) I like it!
4/5/2010 c2 Vici Daily
Aw that was really cute! Good job =D

3/21/2009 c2 5I Murder on Impulse
HAHAH so cute!

5/18/2008 c2 Lolcano
oh. Nice.
12/5/2006 c2 shelley
AHEM. haha. nice story. cant wait for you to finish the story! did *ahem* the real-life Fila read it? HAHA.
11/22/2006 c2 peacerocker
Very cute story
11/21/2006 c2 2hellohellolove
'Bad Willie' made me laugh really hard...you should really continue this!
11/21/2006 c1 hellohellolove
I love this, it's hilarious!
10/8/2006 c2 7bright-silver-star
haha...definetly a pretty forward guy to just kiss her out of nowhere like that...its a good beginning
9/7/2006 c1 1marti10
OH! I'm so sorry! I made a mistake! It's not you who is sending me these emails! It's me actually! I put you on one of my lists by accident! I am very sorry! If you think I'm not making sense and have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sorry! Really, I am! Oh, I'm embarrassed. :)
9/2/2006 c2 Misty Moonweb
I can see this going somewhere, too! Continue, PLEASE! Please? (gives puppy face)
9/2/2006 c1 Misty Moonweb
What a really cute start ^_^ Me like!
9/1/2006 c2 15liquid-dreams-139
Aw this is so cute! omg! fila was so funny! omg! hahaha bad bad willie! hehehe aaww cant u continue this? its so good!
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