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9/21/2008 c23 koerle
Wow. What a wonderful story. And a hot story to boot...

I just love the interaction of the three friends.

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this story... and that it just ended way too soon. ;)
7/6/2008 c24 Blazequeen
I had forgotten how much i loved this story until I reread it. The way it all flows together is amazing and the tension and relationships between the characters seem almost effortless. COngrats on a masterpiece.
9/9/2007 c6 Catatonic Lethargy
OMG, this story's too hot to handle! I felt paroxysms ran through my body as I read the chapters...Hee hee...It was a marvelous job...
8/20/2007 c24 magalina
yay! I have to read it, but it might take me a while, I´ll do it though! XD
5/27/2007 c23 52Liviania
Excellent story - you dealt with many controversial subjects quite well. You made the triad something very wonderful and understandable, instead of an unsatisfying cliche. I am quite happy to hear there will be a sequel.

5/3/2007 c23 2Fork-In-Your-Eye
OMIGOSH! I LOVE! YOU STORY! So i practically drool all over my keyboard reading. I'm such a perv. HAHA^_^ Still your story i really good! Rather different then what i have usually read. Interesting. ^_^ Great storyline. Made me laugh quite a bit. LOL. Let me quote one of my favourite lines in this chapter.

‘No, grandmother, Caleb is the heterosexual with a thing for Jason. I’m the homosexual in the family.’

HILARIOUS! So i laugh at the slightest of things. Can't help it, I'm weird.haha... ^_^

I love the ending. Sweet... aw...

Thanks for the story^^. Love it^^
4/29/2007 c23 magalina
;_; Of course I liked it. I´m so glad you updated... and that there´s still more from you to look forward to. I loved it. Can´t wait for that sequel. I think it was the perfect ending :)
4/28/2007 c23 OoohLookACat

what a cute story

not cute in some parts

but i do love it =)

shall read sequal

4/28/2007 c23 poupoupo
I have truely enjoyed reading your story and can't wait to read more. I hope you do continue in the same way!Well done dutchie
4/26/2007 c23 4marikamaroca
genious as usual
4/26/2007 c23 19diebyownhands
I think it was a wonderful ending that has left me at the edge of my seat waiting for a sequel, but even if there weren't one I think it was good.

I like submissive Jason, with all his cockiness it suits him nicely.

The whole he will have to marry part worried me, because really how long can they continue in this relationship? Unless he marries Stone hehe.

About Beta's I have such a hard time finding one I can work nicely with and that won't abandon me that I wouldn't blame you for not looking for one. I'm not good with grammar but if you ever want me to read something over and just spot the missing words I'd be happy to do it.
4/26/2007 c23 23firestar267
oh i didnt realise the ending was so soon!

Cant wait for the sequel and it sounds like the new writtin style for it will be interesting to read, often i find that sequels drag stories out to much BUT that sounds good - besides i love this too much not to read it!

"The phrase ‘No, grandmother, Caleb is the heterosexual with a thing for Jason. I’m the homosexual in the family.’ would most likely be remembered for years to come." - i liked that :P

I loved the ending, thought it was really sweet, the bracelts were a great touch and i loved how jason ended it, i was expecting a soppy kiss but that summed his personality up so much better and worked alot more

great as usual! ive added you to my auther alerts, ill definately be on watch for your sequel - its anything like this it will be AMAZING

please keep up the great work! well done!
4/26/2007 c23 LifeisCereal
Wow this is a fantastic story. I'm so glad it hasn't ended yet because it does seem like there should be a continuing.. I do realize other characters will be observing but I hope to still enjoy your sequel. Pleasant writing,
4/26/2007 c23 abandonnnnned
Ah my GAWD -screech-... ok, no seriously that was hot! -pants-. Please bring out the successor, and kinky is never a bad thing.
4/26/2007 c23 And-on-Anonymous
Well! What an ending!

I absolutely loved this story, it had the right amount of humour, suspense, drama, originiality, creativity, depth of character, scene setting, focus, oh everything! I think this is excellent and i'm sad it's ended, I shall definitely be looking forward to the sequel! :)
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