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1/13/2007 c1 40Moosher
Lol.. Fab poem. Anne Boleyn, yeah? I wouldn't have figured it out if I hadn't been studying about the English renaissance a few days ago. This is the third poem I've read of yours and I've noticed, that though i'm not a fan of rhyme, I don't mind yours at all. It doesn't come off as childish or amateur as some others do.

I was surprised you weren't offended or insulted from my first review on When Pigs Fly.. some get plain pissed. As for whether i have more ideas on that poem, umm.. perhaps read it again, think it over.. The message behind the poem wasn't too clear, so maybe rephrase the ending.. the part after "When humankind has gone too far". As I said before, the build up is fantastic.. I was anxious to know what is so impossible, which I assumed is what you meant by all the paradoxes and contradictions.. But the last few lines left me confused..and i dunno, I guess unsatisfied. But I know ur good, from all the three poems i read. Since im already reviewing, I might as well mention that I found that the fast pace and steady flow of "Glass Half Empty" had an awsome effect on me while reading it.. Under the influence and still aware enough to write a great, though a tad confusing, poem.. cool

N e ways, thats all the input I have. Thanks for yours btw. Havn't got a review in ages coz ive been practicaly dead on FP since last year. I know this is long. Deal with it. Cheers.=D

8/29/2006 c1 8Lord-of-Fools
Well, Anne Boleyn, I'm guessing. I'm not a fan of rhymes because they can often sound forced, and the last line did seem a little this way, but other than that, this was quite good.

And you like V for Vendetta. That is my favourite movie in the world!
8/21/2006 c1 270dustytiger
doesn't seem like the kind of history i'm up on, sadly, but i really liked this peice a lot even without knowning who it was about. you've got a gift for words, thank you for the advise on my peice i really am considering it, thanx for the review much appricated, just wanted you to know!
8/19/2006 c1 1Mosaic Stains
Anne Boleyn. I'm positive.

Nice poem.
7/5/2006 c1 criti-sized
Well before I guess on the poem, I'll say that this was very nicely put together, and I liked the way it was written to catch the reader.

But, as for the answer, I can only gues that it was Queen Elizabeth's (the first) mother, Anne Boleyn. Being that Queen Elizabeth was the only virgin queen, and her mother was beheaded on may 19th, that was who I automatically thought of.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the only person I could think of.
6/20/2006 c1 35Autumn Reflections
very nice poem. well written, nice flow. no idea who you are talking about though...i am probably being dense or something, *sigh* oh well. still very well written.

baka means fool or stupid. stupid cat lucky kyo...dont ask...i have no idea whatsoever...


keep writing!

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