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8/29/2008 c5 2msallaroundperfect
if that's is not the craziest shit i've ever seen in my life i don't know what is... oh my god that was really good although it freaked me out and i probably won't be able to sleep tonight, at least i got some pure gory entertainment...
11/28/2006 c5 3Endsville
It-It's over? So s-s-soon?


But it was worth it. Really obvious though like who Cuddles (who was brilliant by the way) was. Saw that coming a mile back! I like the ending as well. (Sequel, nudge nudge?) I've always wanted to write something involving a killer clown but I've never managed to think up a good plot. One day, hopefully. I doubt it but hopefully.

Thanks for an awesome story! More of the same please!
11/13/2006 c1 Endsville
Now that's what I call a cool story. Only chapter 1 I've read so far but I can't wait to see where this one's going! Can't wait for the horror part to kick in at it's best...
11/2/2006 c2 5Downfalling Mistakes
I like it.


Reminds me of Saw..'Do you want to play a game"

One thing though

"More movement in the darkness.

Suddenly the light bulb snicked on, and Jake’s breath caught in his throat."

Did you mean Jarett's?

(if not, sorry. I do mean best)

8/3/2006 c1 39Black-Winged Requiem
oh my god, man...wow. crazy, powerful stuff. i mean, damn!very, VERY well done, i look foward to some more of your stuff. interestingly, i had always considered doing a story along the same material, but never did. i'll have to look for that notebook. thanks for the revitalization!hope you write more soon!
6/23/2006 c5 1Flyyboy06
ugh...that's awful.lol-not your writing,but what happened!i like held my eyelid so that i could see what it would be like to not be able to blink-lol-and it sucks.so yeah,that's terrible and i would hate to go through all that!and i've come to a decision about who i'm siding with and it's jarrett.even though he was a jerk and an all around ass,he still didn't do anything to jake that warranted THAT much torture and bringing his dad into it as well!jake is fkn crazy...oh and good twist bringing amanda in,i never would have thought of that until jake said "we" and after that,she was pretty much the only person he could have sided with.so overall,i loved it!good job and start postin other stuff cuz i'll be sure to review!laterdavid
6/21/2006 c5 8Mammon
I'm just going to put my whole review in this one thing. Very nice job, I was wrapped up in the story the whole time I was reading. I was scared of clowns as a child and they still sort of give me the creeps in certain situations. Ones like these, actually. Hah! Excellent description and word choice. There are two issues, however, that I would like to address. One: It was obvious that Jake was going to end up being Cuddles. Mentioning that he was on medication for his anger AND his mother cheated with Jarrett's father did that, maybe you could take out one of those details. Second: I understand how Jake could have gotten MOST of the things he used to torture Jarrett but where would a high school kid get morphine? Even with those two things I still enjoyed the story. Keep it up!

6/20/2006 c4 1Flyyboy06
You're dementedly creative-lol-it sounds like it's just going to get more gruesome for Jarrett.I feel bad for him,but at the same time,he was such a prick that I kind of don't...so I don't know-lol-good job though,I love this.It's going on my favorites list.
6/20/2006 c3 Flyyboy06
Ouch.It just keeps getting worse...and I forgot the name of the chapter and thought it was over once Cuddles was done w/the cutting torch.Jarrett is a jerk but I still feel bad for him...which is good writing on your part...well I'm going to read the next chapter now =)
6/20/2006 c2 Flyyboy06
Hey...so I just came across this and had to review.It's really good-clowns are always scary and when they play psychological games w/their victims...yeah,that's even worse-lol-it's really well-written and easy to read,with great characterization and descriptions.And I cringed at the cinder block scene and I can usually read that kind of thing w/out batting an eyelash...so good job w/that too.Well,I'm off to read the next two chapters-but so far,so good.

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