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10/7/2007 c1 3hopeless-flame
hm. she knows jeff intimately also? like more then acquatince? and such?
9/21/2006 c5 10funsize
hahaha so cool... but hurry up and UPDATE UPSATE UPDATE!
7/21/2006 c5 MonkeyMohawk1
ha i like ur story...interesting...u should make ur chapters longer...but still very good...UPDATE!
6/27/2006 c5 nadljfaithglingh
I felt the same way as Jeff: "that's it?" LOL. But I can understand Michelle, being a cynic myself and all. So is art going to mimic life or life art? I am intrigued. Do update again soon, yes? Yes. :)
6/27/2006 c5 Noelle
Ha! i like that story...

altho, when michelle is trying out for the part in the play, i think she should be a bit more reluctant to try out for the part. i dont know...just maybe...
6/24/2006 c5 hecate-dark-magic
brilliant! update soon
6/23/2006 c5 anon
Update soon!
6/23/2006 c5 3poppendol
Nice story. I wonder, will her live imitate art? well, keep it up and update soon.
6/22/2006 c4 nadljfaithglingh
It seems like a pretty good story so far. I like your characters. Yes, a little cliched, but c'mon, what ISN'T at least slightly based on a cliche on this site? And I think you're doing a great job. Small constructive crit, but it does bug me a little when you're in 1st person ('I thought yada-yada') and then you suddenly switch to 3rd ('He was startled blah-blah') and back to 1st again. But then again, that's just the grammar freak in me :)

I hope you have fun on your trip! Update as soon as you get back!
6/22/2006 c3 1thedarkestangelofall
6/21/2006 c3 9SolisLuna
Hmm, cliche stories aren't always that bad, I find most highly amusing. Update soon, please!

6/21/2006 c3 1Twinkle Star Bell
cute chapter. Keep writing this story is different and very interesting! Update soon!
6/21/2006 c3 Ms.Romantic
6/21/2006 c3 cherise
I think sticking to the cliche can be preferable to cliches with plot twists because the entire story would have been leading you in a direction you've become comfortable with, only for them to be yanked into another path. It can be extremely confusing rather than helpful at times. But that's just my (unnecessary) opinion.
6/21/2006 c2 secretshadow
Update soon!
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