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6/21/2006 c2 1Ladyofthecity
The story is building up :D. The idea seems kind of cliched, the whole plain jane and mr popular romance, but somehow i'm interested in knowing more! Please update soon!
6/21/2006 c2 1Twinkle Star Bell
I really like this story. Please update soon. You're a good author.
6/20/2006 c2 25pinkfairydust
ha! this is really good! please update soon!
6/20/2006 c2 HeReNoW
Two chapters at once. YAY! Ezpecially since they were so short. most eligible bachelors? I've never heard high school kids called bachelors. Whatever floats your boat.

Seems very abript right now. The chapters a little short? I don't know it just seems like your missing something. Probab;y just my imagination.
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