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7/8/2011 c8 1the clayer
FNARR. Rsdfsdg. There is something so addictive about this story. I am absolutely loving the slow, steady development. I feel I am good hands. And the almost stream-of-consciousness way that Michael is telling the story is wonderful; his viewpoint is just so...detached, and even though this makes for some incredible attention to the bizarrest of details, I'm dying for him to be provoked into showing strong emotion. God, someone make that boy laugh! I eagerly await the next chapter x
11/4/2010 c8 6Homo Explosion
Update? Plz?
8/25/2010 c8 6JustAnotherNothingChild
I'm just about to add this to my favorites ^_^ Update soon - I really like the story so far :) x
3/26/2010 c4 5Nameless Shana
lol. Kara and lucus remind me of my friends together. fighting over useless things but in the end they become friends again.
1/15/2010 c8 12eafggdsg
This story is great! I love the characters and the plot. I'm definately looking forward to your next update, which hopefully will be soon? Keep up the good work and update soon. I can't wait! :D
8/1/2009 c8 5XeeWrites
Sorry, I swear I'm trying to help and that I'm not being rude with my critiques (I won't be offended if you ask me to stop reviewing. Some people like criticism, some don't) but the whole 'anyways' thing is driving me nuts. All your characters say it, and I can't think of a single person I know over the age of 13 who uses 'anyways' and 'anywho' over 'anyway' and 'anyhow'. I can picture characters who are trying very hard to be cute saying it, but I really don't think it suits most (if any) of your characters at all. Especially as lot of them are quite anti-social, and that kind of habit is one that you pick up off your friends. It's just not grammatically correct.

I thought it suited Jon a little in your other story, but not really the rest of them.
8/1/2009 c6 XeeWrites
To be blunt, your punctuation is terrible and some of your sentence structures and word choices so bad that I find myself rearranging them and rewriting them in my head as I read.

And yet... this is one of the best stories I've read on this site in a long time. I love the characters, I love the dialog, and I love the pace. They completely rule out all the technical mistakes. It might be too early for me to say this, but I think, with a bit of editing and rearranging, you could definitely get something published.
7/31/2009 c8 5Rachizzle
Whoa, haven't talked to you in like forever. :O How you been!#$

and yay I missed this story. x)
7/27/2009 c8 2Flaming Jello
Well even though it took you forever and a day to update, it forced me to re-read the previous chapters, which is an amazing time-consumer! you said not much happened in this chapter... but it progressed the plot more (yay plot-progression)! Thank you for updating and update again soon!


1/14/2009 c7 jack
No! No more chapters here! Dammit! I was really enjoying the story. I like the characters very much. They are really developed. Good work!

Man, I need a quick update. Waiting for the next chapter...

Beautiful story by the way. Just write the next one fast
8/28/2008 c7 justanotherlurker
I love Rachel! Seriously, she's just like one of my friends. I met her (my friend, not Rachel...seeing as Rachel's fictional, I have not met her) because she jumped on one of my friends and kissed him, explaining that it was a beautiful day. She didn't know who he was, but apparently she was in the mood. And you don't really care about my personal life.
8/21/2008 c7 Cay
I really like the start to this story I hoe it gets finished
6/30/2008 c7 Carlette
I'm glad Michael left the party. I would have done the same, parties are just... meh.

I hope you update soon! I love this story ^_^
6/30/2008 c6 Carlette
xD Rachel is being a bit of a stalker!

I loved the little flashback with Michael, Emily, and Amanda xD Too bad Emily had to move.

And Michael's first party? This should be interesting!
6/30/2008 c5 Carlette
Ha! Stoner cheerleader xD

I probably wouldn't have taken her serious either. I actually kind of like her though... for now.

I like tofu! But when it's in soup, not so much by itself.
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