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7/28/2006 c1 Mad Poet
I like the picture this poem paints in my head. To let all the darkness that could touch you come close enough to take a grip on ones soul, and deny it's presence. Deny it and defeat it with laughter.

The repeating of "just for today, I will..." hits like a hammer that, with every line, widens the smile on my face.

Thanks for the feedback on my poems. I really enjoyed it :)
6/22/2006 c1 80magnusthewolf
this is nice and cool. i can relate to it. nicely written and deep. good job.
6/22/2006 c1 2Grace Panna
Wow, this is very deep.
6/22/2006 c1 20The Wandering Musician
Wonderful, Bella! This poem has a great moral behind it and makes me want to go and smile and laugh and love. "Just for today, I will smile, for maybe my smile could, like sunlight, bring color to my drab and gray existance." :-) It's great! (Did you write this for J?)
6/21/2006 c1 23libbie larue
Wow. This is really good...if my opinion counts for anything :D

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