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4/4/2007 c1 EnigmaticArsenic
[Everyone’s come back

To a warm place]

i like this. summer's synonymous with reunion and reminiscence, when people look back on their childhood misadventures through eyes skewed with age and go, "yeah, those were the days." forgetting about the sunburns and the poison ivy and the boredom and mosquito bites and broken bones, and that most of those days were spent in a zombified state of half-asleep haze and too much television.

but i guess, often times, people would rather cling to the reputation rather than the character. still, i'm in love with the carefree carelessness to this, and these last few lines especially.

[Today was full of quiet music

A melody that made tonight glow

Surely tomorrow there’ll be clouds

But that doesn’t change anything]

it's like, he understands it's not meant to last, but doesn't care all the same.

i used to hate summer as a kid because it was always too hot and more than just a tad disappointing. a couple of years ago, however, we've since reconciled when i decided heat is a nice source of comfort, after all. and slow suffocation ain't too bad.

probably because i'm old and my memory's falling into decrepitude, but i really like this. it makes me feel all fuzzy. lol. (and i'm sure the kahlua filled chocolates don't hurt either.)
6/22/2006 c1 7The Breakdancing Ninja
The Breakdancing Ninja gives this summer sock ‘em bopper a whopping 4 1/2 out of 5. The Breakdancing Ninja does not know what Love is, so he could not possibly give a perfect rating for something he doesn’t understand. He hates the Summer. So you were very lucky for such a whopping rating. Look below for the rest of the Criticism.

The poem itself revolves around the theme of warmth. Adequately titled “Today’s Summer”, the pervading message is of the hottest season in the year.

At this time of year, birds migrate from one place to another. That has nothing to do with this review.

Let’s expound.

The poem within the poem is this. [She remembered a poem and came to visit me.] This line is important. It suggests reminiscence. It is the idea of the object of the poem who could adequately be called the Muse, coming to visit to impart some inspiration. This also suggests a subconscious level of daydreaming and simple memory distortion. In our memories, there are three predominant colors. Red, green, black. The colors that are in this poem are tainted in various shades of red, ranging from orange red to yellowish red. And green streaks of color to display movement for otherwise static thoughts of reminiscence.

The quality of blitzing through a space of thought rather than seamlessly walking shows an effect of flashing. All the stanzas delicately suggests without expounding on details. It is a secret and intimate experience between the speaker and the muse, even when it is in third person.

A small disturbing thought: coming together to piece something together, and dropping it in favor of a sleepy day translates into ‘We try to figure things out, and opt to dreaming.’ [“It’s like that, isn’t it?” we said] is a mutual agreement of this process- not process, more adequately, -ritual- of trying to “complete” or ‘piece things together’ and not quite making it. But of course, the poem then says, ‘That’s okay. There’s always next summer.’ this is both a light-hearted and very disturbing idea: The perpetual relationship.

[Everyone’s come back/To a warm place] Kind of like a high school reunion. What’s weird, is that there is no indication that there is an “everyone”. I think it’s a more shy way of saying, ‘We’re rendezvousing.’

Wow, look at this romance in the next stanza. It’s almost too much for me. I’ll steal this to show to my girlfriend. Eric Clapton is clapping. [Today was full of quiet music/ A melody that made tonight glow] There’s nothing to really analyze there. I just copied and pasted it to show you how romantic I thought it was.

[Surely tomorrow there’ll be clouds/ But that doesn’t change anything] There’s a song I know called, “Can You Stand the Rain” by a black band called New Edition. And this dude, the one with the real deep voice says in the first line of the second verse: “Unconditional…” That’s what this is like, in a simpler and cruder form. It seems more like reassurance than fact. Clouds usually do dampen things.


[Today, in black sandals,/ She saw the footprints in the sand and found me] Aww. I kind of wish I wasn’t such an asshole, because then I could write nice things about a girl in Sports Chalet sandals, too. I’ve never seen black sandals look like anything but Sport Chalet sandals, with the Velcro.

Wow. This is bleak: [It was summer vacation/ A time to revisit/ Everything still here] It’s like, the other seasons are a big circular trek to this unmoving place of circumstance, where things are always sunny, and nothing ever gets done. Of course, the poem literally means that summer is a time to K.I.T. Keep in touch, rekindle old flames, have the time to do things that you haven’t done in a while that haven’t changed, and buy snow cones.

Aw. This next thing I’m going to post is the killer. This is the Romance of Romances. It makes me jealous. No, stop. You have to read what you wrote, Monochrome Lovers. Which, by the way, implies a dull color on two people in love. [Today her head rested on my back/ To hold me close quietly as we drifted/ But she broke out in laughter instead/ And I peddled the old summer bike faster] Cynics like to put a phallic spin on such a thing, and make the metaphor of the summer bike somewhat sensual. Pedaling faster, ohh yeah. But I see the pedaling bike in this poem, this old summer bike that supposedly is revisiting something that’s still there- I see it as an exercise bike, which provides a lot more hilarity and less mushy stuff, which would then give the girl a good laugh. These two who can’t even get puzzles done (let’s assume they’re about 50, 0 0 0 pieces or so), look like the type who would ride an exercise bike together for fun. They also must be twentieth century hippies. Very romantic.

[“It’s love, isn’t it?” we laughed] good question. Or is it one hell of a good time? Both are mistaken often.

[Everyone’s come back/ To a warm place] I still only see two people. Unless the ghosts are voyeurs.

Oh, no. you repeated that stanza that makes me wanna break out a couple of tissues.

Let’s analyze the last line for an insanely long amount of time, since, I prefer to dawdle through this poem. It was something that managed to pacify my usually gripes with stories. Language is not an issue in this poem, everything flows and is straight-forward, very relaxed, it is the essence of summer, meaning only to talk about nice things without political satire, or old ladies with cats.

[Today’s summer.] Well, lookie here. We have a double pun- I didn’t mean to say “double” pun because that’s just redundant. I did mean to say, the last line is sort of (not highly) interpretable. It could be viewed as, ‘Today is summer’, which is a simple declaration of that time of year when the sun rises out of Ethiopia, past the equator into wherever this place is and burns people’s skin. The line could also be, implied ‘This is today’s summer.’ What is the big difference, Ninja?

Well, I’ll tell you in more sentences than I really need.

The poem has a quaint little cycle of going nowhere. I saw- though I don’t think it was intended- an exercise bike. I saw an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. I saw tides coming in and out, in and out, for all eternity without end- just slightly higher up the shore because of global warming. What does this mean, really, with the second interpretation? It means, this is Today’s version of being in love and not doing anything. As if, tradition continues even into the present. As opposed to the more past-interpretable “Today is summer” because, tomorrow, with that interpretation, may very well be the first day of fall. in the second interpretation, Summer is a state of mind.

Whatever Summer is to the speaker and to the writer is probably true for most people. Ice cream, relationships, couches, and fun.

That’s what this poem was, in few too many words. At least, that was my interpretation of this poem in few too many words.

It was nice. Please don’t write it ever again.

Rock on, Monochrome Lovers.
6/22/2006 c1 134emeraude-irlandais
I love summer- it inspires such happy poetry. This was full of simple beauty. :) `~bella~`

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