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3/25/2008 c6 2Rika Onienkai
Hurray! I is really interesting. Write more!
10/8/2007 c5 2LoliEdward
ARGH! Update, dammit! this is too good!
9/1/2007 c5 KajiMori
Aww, I like. ^_^ I hope to read more soon.
7/28/2006 c5 3spikedmango
Was this at some point called Eclipse? You asked me to check that out... anyway.

I liked the story so far. It's nice, I'll look back for an update.
7/1/2006 c4 Sutzina Zion
Hey. Lol I decided to go read your story after reading your PM. I thought it was really cute. Especially the "Haku-chan". Taka seems cool and Shizuka is funny. I can't believe she and her boyfriend were spying on Taka and Kohaku. But good story. It's cute, it's got angst, humor, all the good yaoi stuff. I'm watching "The Birdcage" right now. It's pretty funny and it has gay guys, too.
6/29/2006 c2 4Mugzie
I like it! I can't wait until you update! ^^
6/24/2006 c2 73An Inside Joke
YOu switched between past and present tense a few times. Interesting introduction of charecters- it might have been more effective if you'd described their personalities as much as you'd described their clothes.
6/22/2006 c1 An Inside Joke
I really like your title. The first chapter was a nice way of introducing everyone, although the beginning seemed a bit melodramatic. I don't think identical twins can be boy and girl- they come from the same egg that splits after fertilization, so they're supposed to have the exact same DNA. Besides that though, this was a pretty good start.

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