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for academic apocalypse

11/19/2006 c3 21bunnyrabbit228
Brillant. I enjoyed this poem intensely because you used the real life concepts to relate your dislike for them. This poem is great because it gives the reader an oppertunity to relate. My favorite lines are:

"how long do you think my half life is?

and, if displayed on a scatter plot,

would causation for my frustration be clear?

i wonder what descartes would say

(‘cogito ergo sum of course’; gee, that’s helpful)"

Over all it's just a great poem.


P.S. Thanks for the review. It made my day :)
10/27/2006 c3 59C.H. Bashaw
Chemistry is the work of Lucifer.

But I like Holden Caufield, sadly there's parts about him that I actually admire...such as his "I don't care" attitude. I wish I could care less about certain things.
10/25/2006 c3 Crossing the Rubicon
I can completely relate to this, and I hope you feel better, xan.
9/26/2006 c2 C.H. Bashaw
Yes, school is a pain. Too much to do and you find it hard to get what you want to be done, done. Nice job, and I hope you feel better .
9/7/2006 c1 C.H. Bashaw
Sounds like what happened when my pen blew up in 8th grade Drama class...but of course I see the deeper meaning. Good Job Fair J^^
8/16/2006 c1 2having reached closure
four years and i still wonder what they test the band on. scales? oh, probably the music, hah, forgot about that.. i'm in colorguard so eh, our final is to not be smashed in the face by a freshman, which we dont have much control over.

okay im a dork, anyways, i like this poem. i like the toilet bowl part because..well, i just do.

sorry for the lack of a good review, naomi
7/22/2006 c1 6humble.martyr
i love this, i had the same feeling after my spanish 3 exam. lol. nice.
7/15/2006 c1 6bluefishgreenfish
this is a wonderful poem! i have always hated math and i felt horrible after the exam. :]thanks for the review!

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