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7/11/2006 c6 13lyricist87
ah man! Evil cliffy.Ok, now I remember your name... I just replied to an email from you.Well, Stanton is an ass. for a second, I thought that we were still in your author's note when the actual chapter began.I thought that you were saying that you yourself are an exersist. But when I saw the chapter, started talking about the girl and other stuff, I got it.Anyways, seya!Nicole
7/9/2006 c6 Mephistophelian
Gah...sorry it took so long to get this review in. I've been in the car for the past week and a half or so...but I did get a chance to read it the day it was posted. Just not as thoroughly as it deserves.

Another great chapter! Stanton is just as charming as I'd expected, which is not very. And I agree with Xavier...rattails are gross. I'm glad that she's getting a chance to prove herself, because she certianly seems capable to me.

I can't wait for chapter seven!

6/30/2006 c6 mir99sna
Wanna read more! Hope your next chap will have some demon action, and maybe some new cool characters. so please keep up a good work!
6/29/2006 c5 lyricist87
Hi.this is... well... creepy. Anyways, Ariel is dead? And he can touch her and stuff? that's interesting.Anyways, what's the deal with female. Well... I could understand getting tired and not wanting to continue. But will we see her most recent demon again? something tells me yes.Maybe I'm wrong But, I hope I am. Well... don't have much to say about this one so, hope you update soon.Seeya, Nicole
6/28/2006 c5 mir99sna
I liked your story very much, and the main heroine (she has my favorite personality) Waiting for the next chapie!
6/26/2006 c5 Mephistophelian
Every time I come back and read, this story gets better and better! I'd been confused by Ariel for a while now, but I guess that explains it. Brother Stanton sounds...lovely. His parents were cruel, cruel people, to give him those initials. I am rather intrigued by him, though, I must admit.

If I had one problem with this chapter, it would only be that you had some question marks in some odd places. But other than that, flawless.

I can't wait for the next update!

6/24/2006 c4 Mephistophelian
Yet another awesome couple of chapters. I love how realistic this is, and how much creepier that realism makes it. Ariel seems like an intresting guy, it was kind of creepy how he just appeared, and I know I said it before but I love your narrator's personality. I'm glad the girl was saved...even if her father was a bit of a bastard.

Thanks for updating so quickly, I'm always looking for stuff to read.

6/23/2006 c2 Mephistophelian
This is amazing...It's like The Exorcist revamped and made twenty times cooler...and it's only the second chapter. I love your exorcist, she's just the kind of female lead that's pretty hard to find here. I hope you're going to explain her story, though, because I know how twitchy the catholic church gets about women. (their loss.)

Just to reiterate, this is an amazing piece...and it's definately going on my favorates.


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