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for The Reaper

7/31/2007 c1 28Ivy Shoelaces
Oh, that is so creepy, and yes, it is very beautifully written. I liked the line, "sweet, sweet suicide angel." That's messed up!
7/12/2007 c1 21Sercus Kaynine
True. This kind of puts him as the GOOD guy. Anyway, nice flow to it. It was easy to read and understand.

Keep writing!
4/4/2007 c1 Top Jimmy
uh, yeah, great story Doll. Who is this story about, though? it wouldn't happen to be about aaron and his old crush, would it? i just get that little impression from this poem that it's about me and seventh grade. yeah, you need to read some of my b/s stories and tell me if you like em. i'm probly way wrong about what this story's about because i'm bad with art and poetry and all that nonsense, so just call me up and tell me if i'm wrong cutie, alright?
3/25/2007 c1 8Hastatus Regulus
I like it... Reminds me of the song "Don't fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult...
2/2/2007 c1 80VELVETxKISSES
*shudders* this is really creepy! luv it tho!
1/29/2007 c1 3Sir-Shinta
nice use of words, they seem to flow nicely, :p i wish i could write more like this one.
1/28/2007 c1 JBalways
Wow. That really is different. I love it. JBalways

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