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1/11/2009 c10 11acatsrain
A pentagram isn't the devils mark. When there is one point directed up it stands for spirit. The other four points being fire, water, earth, and air. Its only considered bad when turned upside down; two points directed up. A pentagram is really not that bad. Random spew of info but I can't resist being a little protective of it. Its a really cool thing to study up on and I've spent a lot of time doing that. It this looks weird its because I'm writing it on my phone. Sorry.
1/9/2009 c35 9Stahlut
wow, I only wish I could have read that sooner, and then I would already be over the fact that it is finished. Anyway I really really loved the ending, I think you did a brilliant job, specifically no cheesiness which I was more than happy about. I love love LOVED it!
1/9/2009 c35 Jeya
OMG Fabulous fabulous! Bravo! You rock, mate! I LOVE your story and I believe it is the #1 story on my list! I Heart the way you write and I absolutely LOVE your characters ;D...Looking forward to reading other stories of yours!
1/5/2009 c35 11Riley Kathleen
OMUHGUH! It's OVER! You know, St. Patrick's Day is my birthday so if you don't start uploading the sequel then like you said you would I'll be sad. D: It'll be like my birthday present from you! YAY! xD

I'm-a miss Trick until then. *dreamy look* He's so smexy in my head, you have no clue. lulz.

I'm party now cause You actually updated through a whole story and almost no one on this website does that. Least, not the stories I've been reading. xD Congrat's to you!

Happy New Year! ^-^

1/4/2009 c35 Tiana heyXD. D
OMGSH I CAN'T WAIT TILL ST. PATRICKS DAY... btw i am soo totally in love with Trick,Patrick Kelley, even though he is a character from a story HE IS AS HOT AS CAN BE ... don't give up on this story you have a good thing going here... BOY i hope this turns into a move as soon as i get older I WANT TO BE THE ACTRESS in the movie haha... so yeah.. WOW I SOUNDED SOO LAME HAHA soo yeah umm keep it up and i hope it goes public and i can try out for the movie that is hopefully to come soo yeah .. umm KEEP IT UP

~love Tiana*hey*XD...:d...=D
1/4/2009 c35 anoymous
I just finished the story and I absoulutely loved it. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me ponder whats going to happen next! I even cried when it finished. ;_; Congrats on all the reviews and I hope you continue a sucessful writing career. :] I lovedd trick ! Hes so adorable in the story, annoying Helana and everything. Can't wait for the sequel ! :D
1/3/2009 c35 5Sid Arbaon
-cries along with you- I can't believe it is over, too!

That was beautiful, dear! I was getting the hype of the vury, VURY last chap, and then...it ENDED. PERFECTLY! TToTT

I was laughing, and then I was tearing up, and then my heart was being tugged at oppostite ends of the pool. I can't take it anymore!

As soon as I catch up with my 98 other emails from fanfiction, I will SO check out your other stories.

So, until next time! But I will be keeping in check with you (aka, stalking your every move ;)

I look forward to the sequel, and thank you to PIECES for writing this up! I can't wait for the publication! (I'll be first in line to get it...X3)

1/3/2009 c34 Sid Arbaon
OO! OO! Is it too late for MOI to join? XD I will probably mess it up completely, and you'll have no choice but to cut me from the group, but at least I can say that I took part in it...maybe. ;)

-wipes tear from eye- And then there was one. How delightfully depressing! (Oxymorons will always come back to haunt you...)

Really, REALLY nice ending. Even in your writing you have the sense of something closing. I have yet to achieve that skill, but there is always hope! Encouraging optimism!

Well, it has been fun. And I will always remember the debts that you owe me. I'll go to everyone of your book signings, and write 100 fan letters if I have to get the stuff. You mark my words. XD

Now, onto the...epilouge. (-voice cracks)
1/3/2009 c33 Sid Arbaon
-EXTRA LARGE FANGIRL SQUEAL- That was so AMOZING! I LOVED this chap! I won't live without it! I loved it so much and stuff! LOL

So, everything is back to normal, and all is well. So, as the end approaches us, I must say that I am happy with (I hope) the ending.

Ok, I was totally flipping out on this chap. I was talking to the computer. A lot. And I don't mean the little grumbles. I mean, like, full out convos. I was laughing and cheering and yelling and repeating sentences...-sigh- Doctor, Doctor, save your patient. ;)

Jak and Rat...as soon as this becomes published, I am SO writing a lemony fic for them. XD I so wish I can see your expression when you read this. X3 Oh, and if it is any consolation, I will do one for Trick and Hels, too. ;)
1/3/2009 c32 Sid Arbaon
I don't know what is wrong with me- I was totally cracking up at the smallest things. I was like, losing it over the dialouge (however you spell that) and whatnot. Doctor, Doctor! Something's wrong with me!

Wow- this chap had me on my toes! It was like letting your dog lead you when you guys are going on a walk. You never know where it'll go, and no matter how hard you restrain it, 99% of the time, you will lose. ;) Anyways, this chap was like that- I just held on to the leash, and hoped I didn't end up in a thorny bush. ;)

YAYS! Jak lives! I knew he wouldn't die easily...Go get 'em, Jak- I'm rootin' for you!

Well, I'm glad that you retrieved the flashdrive- I hate it when that happens to me. LOL. I so would've smothered my boyfriends with lotsa love taps. "How dare you hide this from me?" LOL. I would take it ALL out on him. But then I would kiss all his boo-boos. ;)
1/2/2009 c35 21Faith Adeline
Ah, Jakobi makes me laugh, lol. Good job! I can't wait for you to start the sequel! Keep it up, and let me know if you need any help :)

1/2/2009 c35 4Lady Katreina
Thank you so MUCH! I love this story, I think I'll probably have to read Trick over again. It is a story. And that's not the half of it!

Thank you!
1/2/2009 c35 3Essevera
sorry i haven't replied to the earlier chapters. _ i'm awful i know. so glad you finished it and tied everything up. I'm looking for another one of your stories, yeah? :)
1/1/2009 c35 9Destiny2RoseClan
Wow, this was just, amazing! Loved the story, the plot, the twists, everything!

Great job!

And Happy New Year!
12/31/2008 c35 12Reminising Obsession
YAYS!Ive finally finished it!And on new yrs too!HA!Take that procrastination(shes a b*tch)...Anyway I luv ur story and cant wait for the sequel.

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