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for Trick DRAFT

7/29/2009 c23 forgottenkiss-x
Woop Woop :D
7/29/2009 c22 forgottenkiss-x
:D :D
7/29/2009 c21 forgottenkiss-x
Tis a pritty cool story.. i mean faerys and warewolves and vampires? Oh my!
7/29/2009 c20 forgottenkiss-x
how long did it take you to write this?
7/29/2009 c19 forgottenkiss-x
LOL... in the casketeria...haha...
7/29/2009 c18 forgottenkiss-x
Hm im slowly running out of things to say.

But HI!

im Erin :D
7/29/2009 c17 forgottenkiss-x
I was thinking when i finished reading the twilight saga that someone should do a story about other mythical creatures, and you did :D

7/29/2009 c16 forgottenkiss-x
You have lots of talent :D
7/29/2009 c15 forgottenkiss-x
Boo yah! 15 reviews :D :D :D
7/29/2009 c14 forgottenkiss-x
and for all the other people who love it?
7/29/2009 c13 forgottenkiss-x
pretty please?

for me :D
7/29/2009 c12 forgottenkiss-x
Aw :P

You should update teh sequel
7/29/2009 c11 forgottenkiss-x
Awesome :D :D
7/29/2009 c10 forgottenkiss-x
O Hes a big bad warewolf :D

But i still think hes awesome :D
7/29/2009 c9 forgottenkiss-x
so can you explain what special power things helana has? it confused me when i read them
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