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1/20/2007 c18 7Sour Lullaby
OMG! TRICK AS A PIRATE! *fans self* You must have somehow found out my (not-so) secret pirate fetish and decided to add it to my already growing fetish of blue haired guys named Trick! You sneaky author, you!

Okay, now that I have that out of my system - great job on this chapter. It was well worth the wait. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment!
1/20/2007 c4 2midnightunicorn12
awesome so far!keep writing!
1/20/2007 c18 notestogrey
hehe..wasnt really surprised about her "unoriginality" =P

but jak seems to have mood swings that are insane,! but your funniest character is seth, now that boy is bipolar! hehe

great chap btw =)

1/20/2007 c18 5Apiavva
Not short! I like having a lot to read!

Anyway...awsome work as always...I love your costume descriptions...I hope that you further Trick and Hels relationship soon...

O How long are you planning on making your story anyway?
1/19/2007 c18 18pinkfluffyoranges
yay, I've been hoping that I would see this soon! It was most assuredly worth the wait, it was terrific. oh man trick is so eh..confusing, I can never get what he's thinking, which im guessing is the point lol. I think out of all the guys Seth is my favourite, he's my type of man. Looking forward to the next chapter and well done on this one, glad you manage to overcome your blockage.
1/19/2007 c18 7Foreverswimming
Yea! I hope you update real soon. It was a great chapter and I can't wait to find out what happens next. You had a few grammar errors but nothing big, everyone has them even if they don't want to admit it.

Ruer of the Freakin' World

1/19/2007 c18 CHIIJOY
Of course only Trick could take up a costume befitting the dashing yet rogue Cap' Jack Sparrow. But for real, eyeliner would have did him up. In the best possible way, hehe. Plus, I love Salior Moon, and Chico, and Seth. That little... he likes her too? I need to bottle Hel's mojo or something... Anywhos, hehe, loved it and please update soon. :D
1/19/2007 c18 5Sure as the Dawn
Can't wait for the next chappie! Update soon! Oh, and uh... How many guys are into Helana? From what I've read, there's quite a few.
1/19/2007 c18 28invizygirl
oo great chapter. really starting to like the other black belts. HUZZAH! hehe i like that word. good writing.
1/19/2007 c18 6Madeline Bicoa-Ryne
YES! So excited! It's been a long wait.

This story is SO good. Seriously. I have the book I'm reading next to me on the desk, and I'll be reading your story, then I'll leave for a few moments to do the laundry or something, and I'll come back excited for more, and open my book, and be like, "Wha? What's going on?"

Your story is THAT good that it seems like a published novel.

I hope for more soon!

1/19/2007 c18 1kat for president
Finally! I was wondering what happened to ya. Super long chapter too, you get a cookie! Although Trick didn't show up till the end, the chapter was still good. I'm not sure what to think about Luis though. Anyway, this made my night. I've been looking for updates.

Until the next one,

1/19/2007 c18 13xtotallyatpeacex
Wow. Yeah, I'd consider that a long chapter, lol. I was a bit confused at the end... I thought it was Shawn that sung, not Eric? Anyways, great job, hope you update again soon! :D
1/19/2007 c18 1soFresh'likepomegranate
goodness goodness I missed this story, but it's back! and exceptionally wonderfully long!

hahaha Seth is so funny. the slight bipolarness is endearing though. especially how he's wonderfully sweet. If Trick wasn't so fantasticness, Seth would probably be my favorite character. pirates are sexy. xD
1/9/2007 c17 9SolisLuna
I like this story but there are a lot of moments extremely similar to that of Twilight. So yah, but update again soon, I do like this story!
1/2/2007 c17 1N.S. Blanchard
I love this story. I am particularly infatuated with Trick's name. And I want to know about the smelling Hels thing. What's up with that? I'm dying here! Can't wait till you update next.
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