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9/13/2007 c1 2SplintofGrass
"Polygamy occurs when a man has multiple wives or when a wife has multiple husbands."

It also occurs when there's more than one husband /and/ more than one wife.
5/14/2007 c1 2symbiotic
Stupid retarded piece of crap.
7/15/2006 c1 1Voronwe
Where do I sign?
7/6/2006 c2 liana the wood elf
mm, nice to know that the whole spiritual realm of marriage is entirely irrelevant. this is a good companion piece to that 'keeping women in the kitchen' bit of tripe.
7/4/2006 c2 8Hyacinthe Wing

Utterly ridiculous.

The psychology and the dynamics of a harem are extremely complex. You fail to grasp them, if this is in fact a representation of your beliefs.

Also: A country or society in which polygamy is allowed has never, in the history of mankind as we know it, permitted women to marry more than one man. The reason people oppose polygamy is because it has NEVER turned out well for the women; they end up being bartered like cattle EVERY TIME.

You seem to lack a decent grasp of human psychology, as well as an understanding of human anatomy. Nymphomania, the behavior in which a person desires sex an abnormal amount of the time and perhaps with more than one person, is brought about by the inability to achieve sexual satisfaction.
7/3/2006 c2 14Anarchy-in-america
Once again, I agree. Very well written. Thank you for writing about female polygamists. You presented your arguments very well.
7/3/2006 c2 Cross Country Runner
Meh, as long as all parties are consenting adults. In Morocco, supposedly they are trying to change it so the man has to get the permission of the first wife to marry again.
7/2/2006 c1 2Nautilus18
You speak as though marriage is a buisness. Polygamy is not like hiring multiple accountants. It doesn't matter if I'll only have to clean 10 sqaure meters of your house, because I wouldn't marry someone who looks at me like an employee as opposed as an equal.

Polygamy ruins the structure of marriage. Thing would get complicated if you had 5 wives, each of whom had 5 husbands. And thing of how quickly STDs would spread in a polygamist America?
6/27/2006 c1 5Joseph Mises
Quite frankly, this essay is a bit weak. You need better supporting statements.

There is also an incorrect fact in your essay. "Middle-Eastern men" don't have the right to marry 4 women. Muslim men have the right. That includes men of ALL races, even caucasians like George Bush. (I'm not saying I like him, because I don't. He is despicable.) In America, I personally know countless of Muslim men(including "white" Muslim men) that have more than wife.

Something you forgot to state is that government ran in the Middle-East are Islamic based governments. They live in religio-political society. Islam is part of everything. Blasphemy to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is punishable by death in Muslim states, such as Egypt, Gambia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the U.S., there is separation from religion and state, that same statement about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would not be taken as anything, as it would be considered freedom of speech.

So you must look at the pros and cons of it.

I recommend you research more, build up stronger, qualitative statements to support your argument (beside personal necessities to have four wives slave around the chores in your house) and better prepare your essays before writing them, as this one seems that you wrote it off the top of your head in a few minutes.


6/26/2006 c1 generically beautiful
Why don't you just move to the Middle East?
6/26/2006 c1 5Arn-The-Silent-Scream
There are a number of arguments against this, and though I do not necessarily agree with them you do not confront them and they deserve at least to be mentioned. The first is that it is sexist, in a round about way it suggests that aman is equal to multip0le women. The second is that if there were ewaulity then marriage would be come to complex (we'd all have three spouses each in turn having another three spouses). the Fourth is that since there is a fairly equal distribution of men and women there would be a lot of people left out. Secondly, your discussion of freedom is weak. First because it does not pertain to the issue, second because your points are not accurate. The problem with to mnuch freedom is that we become the romans. The reason that a country (you mention the United states) becomes powerful is because its citizens have certain beliefs, in the society, in the dreams and beliefs of that society and so on. When this faith weakens the country becomes weak. For example, in rome, to avoid military service, many citizens amputated minor body parts. This weakened the army and the whole of the empire. To much freedom does not always meen that the government has given you more rights. But that your own attention to the responsobilities that you should be assuming has become lax. There is a difficult balance between a happy population and the ability of that population to maintain the conditions that allow that happyness.
6/25/2006 c1 8Atlas Bergeron
You seem to be trying to grasp the concept of personal freedoms when you say that bigamy (actually polygamy), and murder are not the same concept with regard to 'too much freedom' (nor is rape, theft, assault, or hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings). This is actually the natural law against the initiation of force, that no person or group of people (including governments) have the right to initiate force against an individual. This does not include self defense, all individuals (and therefore governments, as governments are created for the self defense of thier citizens) always have the right to defend ones life, property, or freedom to pursue happieness. It might be helpfull to include the names of the rights to which you speak of.
6/25/2006 c1 15No Trust
One bizzare thing is that people often argue against legally recognized gay marriage by saying that it might lead to the legalization of polygamy.

One would certainly hope!
6/25/2006 c1 1Mosaic Stains
For starters I agre with most of what you say. But in the middle east or rather within the religion of islam the men are allowed to have four wives only. With each wife there must be equally fair treatment, no matter the fact that he perhaps loves one wife more than the other. That is according to what I have read and been answered with when I asked about pologamy within islam and the middle east.

But I view the way you see it a bit shallow. Having multiple wives means more responsiblity, more dealing with different female personalities, and sharing your time amongst them as well as keeping some of it for you. To me you have to be someone who is mature enough to handle these issues and more. Otherwise that I agree fully with men having more than one wife. It helps both sides in so many ways from ewhat I saw and heard- that is if you don't look at the negative things.
6/25/2006 c1 Cathy
I just had to tell you this:

Bigamy is when someone has two spouses. When someone has multiple spouses, it is called poligamy.
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