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for Jazz Song From Jupiter

6/27/2006 c1 The Breakdancing Ninja
My review got cut off.

[A jumpy little garden,/ A shared summer sweater,/ “It’s blooming again” you said] My brain. It hurts. “A jumpy little garden” could be one with crickets and frogs in it, which actually makes a nifty description if that’s the case. The garden blooming again is possibly like a ritual, seasonal thing. It’s weird, but this stanza has ending punctuation where the others don’t. Maybe, I think the love (or whatever it is) between the speaker and the other half of the poem is the kind of love that regenerates and skips as if it’s playing back, even though it’s slowly drifting forward.

[Whatever the reason/ I filled the song with words/ I remember you laughing] Galactic techno a.k.a. German techno with the words “The System is Down” said over and over again would make me giggle like a school girl, too. And I’m a badass ninja.

[We got dressed for work/ Frowning we separated in the street/ Putting on crowns/ We went on quiet marches] They walk around like royalty and seem not to like it. Could their love be like, nightly rendezvous or something? [But before I could sneak back/ To the tape we love to watch/ You were already there waiting for me] Yeah, it must be a rendezvous thing. A secret love. 8D

[Surely we’ll see more together] So, they want to go back to the den and the garden and achieve something interstellar. Like, mind-blowing sex. What’s with me and sex in poetry? I think I’m used to analyzing it that way, trying to find insinuations. This isn’t a very sexy poem- that is, to say, it’s not very sexual. It seems more like one of those fun relationship deals where the two are just madly passionate about enjoying the thrill of life and such.

My poor brain doesn’t know where to start with analyzing all this. Can I get away with it and just say I really enjoyed reading it? Because I did. I just read a piece this morning that was pretty light-hearted, and it was good to read and enjoy this one for its light-heartedness as well. I don’t have the heart to read anything drenched right now. My brain is swimming in cynical literature.

The title is. “Jazz Song from Jupiter”. This throws me way the hell off. Maybe it’s the title of their favorite movie, or the soundtrack off that movie. Or maybe it just means that the love song they have playing is out of this world.

Monochrome Lovers, I want to sock you in the jaw. Thanks for the warm read! : 3!
6/27/2006 c1 7The Breakdancing Ninja
The Breakdancing Ninja gives this a 3 ½ out of 5 in utter confusion and mental instability that this poem has caused him. He is, at this very moment, very angry that he doesn’t know how to dissect this and he projects it onto you. He will breakdance ferociously this evening to show you how angry he is. The 3 ½ points issued were actually ones for enjoyment in reading. It has a great readability that the other poems possess, it’s just that the images are way more disjointed than ever and can’t seem together by the end of the piece. It’s a lot like a jigsaw puzzle floating in space that separates drastically from the rest of itself. Though it presents a jumble of nice feelings, it might just be the arbitrary song that its title suggests, which sounds to be one do-bop happiness rather than sour blues. Refer to the criticism below for more.

It’s the heavy stroke of midnight, and to keep myself awake, I’m listening to some Mediterranean shit with mega bass headphones. It doesn’t really match the mood (or what I think is the mood) of this poem, but it suffices.

[A deserted playground paradise,/ Songs without words,/ A star-spilled planet Earth] Even when the actual stanza mentions earth, I’m thinking of the moon, or a clone of earth with no people on it. Or something like a beach ball that looks like earth littered with playgrounds. “Songs without words” could possibly galactic techno. Hahaha

[The cover to my astronomy book/ Peeled off like that/ It didn’t feel so heavy anymore] The concept of space coming to life and springing from the imagination does bring back a youthful feeling. The stanza itself looks more like what happens when something serious is stripped of its seriousness and takes on a more carefree nature.

[You and I/ Hang off the edge of the screen/ The video tape’s broken/ And sometimes skips] This is strange. Could the poem be suggesting that the fourth plane of existence is the flat part of a television screen? This is a real trippy piece, and I couldn’t find the direct correlation between stars, planets and space to a skipping video. The poem has a lot of breadth, but I’m getting lost already.

[But before I can see you look away/ To blush onto my shoulder/ You’re already pulling me closer] Now I’m seeing a den where teens usually make out and watch videos in the dark. What is going on? [Surely we’re always moving closer] Sort of like planetary gravitation and orbit?

[An old wind reunites with the east/ Like words that make no sense/ Tonight is filled/ With another life time of memories] An old win reuniting with the east is like a new beginning, since the sun rises in the east. “Like words that make no sense” could be coupled with the line before it or after it, but I’ll choose the one after it: “Like words that make no sense/ Tonight is filled/With another life time of memories”. Maybe what the piece is suggesting that memories are disjointed and often disfigured and lack meaning but present objective images that only we can put sentimentality to? Or is this like, inferring sex?

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