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for Sitting Through War

7/22/2006 c1 8Across the Ocean
Exactly! Thank you for expressing this - it is exactly what I believe and why I'm beyond angry with the people who let themselves be brainwashed by the media.
6/27/2006 c1 2CocoAH
I can't tell if I agree with this or not. Hell I agree with the idea that americans need to get off their fat butts and do somethign if they want somethign done and not yell at people on tv who can't hear them about it (Like my mother)But I can't tell if this is really all in support of the war, and saying we disrespect the soldiers. and i don't think at all that the war in Iraq has anythign to do with gaining us rights, hell i don't even know what we're fighting for over there anymore, none of it seems like a good enough reason for our soldiers to be dyeing. good job, though. Nicely written.

~Lor Lor
6/26/2006 c1 A B Lewis
Very, very true. There are a billion people who sit there and complain their butts off while not actually doing anything. Then when something happens they wonder why.

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