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for Pareto Efficient Child Love

1/29/2015 c5 Critical
This guy is sick. He helped her, but also harmed her. He was a miserable genius. He was just a sick man that needed counseling. I seriously hope you're not like this for real! It was well written, but disturbing. You have a man addicted to porn and wasting himself. I hope your not wasting yourself too. You're a good writer and that talent should be used for the greater good. That's all I have to say.
10/7/2012 c1 3Carzilla888
This was so, so very wrong but your writing skills are off the charts (good) hope to read more stories from you yo
3/12/2011 c5 Hmmm
Well ... it's interesting. A bit disturbing but interesting.
6/14/2010 c5 13TMNTtia-5th
The plot for this was really freaky but really good. I hope to read more of this soon. It was really good. Same goes for that other story: The Allure of Virginity. That one was good too. Hope for more.
9/8/2009 c5 48Antonette C
I'd have to say this was disturbing and sick.. But I like it. good story.
4/30/2009 c5 Kitkatfights
It was sick but maybe I'm sick for liking it.
4/17/2009 c5 12UnderhandedCruelty
All the mean comments you got for this story make me sad. It may not have been the BEST thing I've ever read, but it was still really good.

It was disturbing, yes, but the main plot was in the summary so people got what they asked for. I enjoyed it. It's good to have a different sort of read every once in a while. Spices life up a bit more.

And as for all the people who are insinuating the author is like Philip...that's just nonsense. Just because you create a character who is...well, different, doesn't mean that you created them in your image. I write stories involving flesh-eating demons. Am I a flesh-eating demon? Let's all hope not.

Good writing Ku.
2/16/2009 c5 18Silver Tears of a Child
As much as I believe in the freedom of writting this is a little disterbing. I like the story but it still a little disturbing.
11/26/2008 c5 xiomara209
a strange kind of love..
9/25/2008 c1 HellOnToast
Fuck all you nay-sayers, I love this story! The strong imagray and disturbing content is beautifully written and flawlessy exacuted. To everyone who hates this story I say this: YOU WOULD NOT KNOW A GREAT STORY IF IT BIT YOU IN THE ASS-END!
7/12/2008 c1 Fakyu
You're seriously messed up, dude. Get laid, go fuck yourself, please so something to help yourself.

Fuck. You're discusting.
8/14/2007 c5 jess
you sick freak burn in hell! how can you wright that is there something wronge with you? your fucking 23 and you wright this shit. i bet you were harassed when you were a kid. take my advice GET HELP!
7/15/2007 c5 bloodylife232
hey, i read your story apparently, but why would oyu write about stuff like that, thats horrible. I don't know if you are like this in real like but i hope not, you have real writting talent, don't let it go to waste on this.
1/11/2007 c1 3DHABUZ
you! i bet uv forgotten me uptill now.. lol :P nice chapter brilliant idea
8/2/2006 c1 steev
There's no point or deeper meaning to this, or to your other story on this subject; quite simply, these are pedophiliac fantasies, & nothing but. There's nothing to communicate to the reader except that the narrator is a child molestor.

The dialogue is uniformly hackneyed & unrealistic, as are the actions of the characters. There's a massive reliance on simple sentences. The wording is poor. There are many instances of poor writing, or contradictions of reason: "careful not to aim it too close to the house unless I hit any windows.", "small little creature", (from the same paragraph) & a big reliance on cliches.
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