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4/27/2004 c1 8tiama
great imagery! I liked the metaphor of the shoes, and the importance of the bare feet. What prompted this? I especially liked the "water tastes like flowers" Keep writing. r&r my new stuff please
7/16/2002 c1 annie
That was nice.
3/13/2002 c1 Ceilidhl
That was well written.
6/13/2001 c1 Carly
simply beautiful...
4/22/2001 c1 33Tiefling
That was beautiful. You're really talented at writing poetry.
3/6/2001 c1 Solitaire
! magnificent! beautifully written, i love the phrasing, and it just flows, and, and, and... i dunno. i love it!
3/4/2001 c1 alisen
nice. was that about someone with cancer?
3/2/2001 c1 Dinah
That was sad, but nice

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