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for The Adventures of Noah and Moses

8/5/2007 c6 valjean
Haha. I love the extremes. Sounds like a certain duo that I know having an arguement. ;)

Once again, you've done a lovely job my dear.
11/17/2006 c5 valjean
Ah...once again there is no answer to the age old question. Everyone just winds up talking in circles. I liked it when the O-so logical scientist swears by the Lord...ha! Great job, just keep going.
7/31/2006 c4 6FuzzyGrapes
Ooh! After reading your authors note I am very, very intrigued ... and this chapter was pretty thought-provoking too. Write more soon!
7/31/2006 c2 FuzzyGrapes
I really like the way you write in present tense. It kind of gives the story a feel ... you know ... but it's really good. I like all the description, etc, too. Good job!

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