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for Life As the Actor's Daughter

7/28/2006 c12 Christy
hii little miss..ive not stopped reading just havent reviewed..i like how the story is going..i thought she bought the dress though..i dont remember.. how sad that he killed his girlfriend..rude to give her the dress that was some other girls though lol..keep writing! i love it.
7/25/2006 c12 erica
very surprised to know that travis' father killed melanie's mother... good as always.. keep it up!
7/25/2006 c11 233kelsi bones

No mistakes, good job. :)

7/25/2006 c10 Katrina
The astriks(sp?) marked what should be changed.

“So *you're* Melanie Cooper.” Said a male voice.

You sure you want to be involved in that*?*” He said.
7/24/2006 c12 bevy
Aww.. poor Travis... no wonder the poor boy tried to OD.. and of course you couldnt just leave a chapter without jesse and caleb making out and the such... thats probably your dream- watching 2 hot gay guys make out. *giggles* But I really like it so far but Travis's story is going to be a very interesting one..
7/24/2006 c12 34haeitsheerin
Yay! You're very welcome! lol. I absolutely LOVE this chapter. And wow with Travis' dad wanting to be back in his life. Oddly...this remind me of an episode from Degrassi: The Next Generation. And woo! YAOI! I swear any girl that denies that it's their guilty pleasure is lying! It's funny that Caleb and Jesse didn't realize that Mel was there.
7/21/2006 c11 19Nyte Shade
Me and the other person must be stuck on the other story. This was good though as usual. Keep writing more I am really loving this story
7/21/2006 c11 34haeitsheerin
lol. I was thinking of the other story.

Hmm...I actually have a feeling that Travis' mother is the wife of the guy that got into a car crash with Mel's mum. lol.
7/20/2006 c10 bevy
since i can only do a review a chapt, i went backwards... i cant believe the guy who murdered mel's mom left a note! and poor travis... i cant believe he was there in the graveyard at the grave.. dang girl... keep writing..
7/20/2006 c11 bevy
what did you do to travis? i said no killing the hot guy! but i hope he's alright and poor mel... i want to know who drugged her so i can hate that character... lol... well write mroe stephie!
7/16/2006 c10 19Nyte Shade
Wow...the guy drugged her? This was good. Its been a while since i have been online once again. Trevor is still hot and so is he other guy. But who is the guy who drugged her?
7/16/2006 c9 233kelsi bones
I only found two in this chapter; they were just little ones, so I don't need to mention them. You're doing way better :)

Is Travis' hair like Davey Havok's? It sounds similar from the description, but Davey's isn't spiked in the back. I'm slightly obsessed with Davey Havok, by the way :)

7/14/2006 c10 love all
o juicy update soon or i Can't read. Yes can't my internet won't be up soon if you don't cuz i am moving. reading all your stories. like it alot.

7/14/2006 c10 34haeitsheerin
HOLY SHIT! I think the guy put vodka in her drink! And...I sort of think that Trevor doesn't really take drugs because I really highly doubt that. And I think the description of the dress is BE-YOU-TEE-FULL! lol.
7/8/2006 c9 love all
wow this is good good GOD!Please write more.I like all the characters. that dance scene was very detailed , do you dance too?Anastasia is such a whore don't you think? The sex scene that was a dream was funny, she dreamt up all that.Have you ever thought about doing the story in other peoples point of view (DON'T BUT JUST AN IDEA) and sexual humer would be funny. If they trick anastasia into acting like a slut in front of the whole school(a prank or something like that to get her back for being mean like the last staw)or the do as follows:1. videotape her acting a slut2.show it at an assembly3.in fron of teachers 4.tell her off5.guys pass her in the hall smack her but and stuffthat sounds cruel but i like characters being mean then being nice. clique i know .does wesley only want to get her pants? Please update and write long stories where the bar on the side is TINY! UPDATE
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