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for Life As the Actor's Daughter

7/7/2006 c9 19Nyte Shade
This one was good also...u make ur guy charcters seem hotter and hotter. but uh...yeah i miss u too and ima try to get online more often
7/7/2006 c9 Christy
o!..i love the longer chapters so much *squek* i hope something bad didnt happen to jesse..i really like him lol. her dad makes me sad..he is all she has and all thats left of his wife..and he doesnt appriciate her like he should..his work is more important..i wonder if something else is going on why he doesnt have time for mel..like maybe a new woman? hm hm HM?..lol..kalila..needs some action now haha!..not like jesses action of course..i think shed die of embarassment..or maybe theres a freak hidden in her lol..and she just appears to be shy!..oh oh and oh..i loved the part about kalila telling jesse he said m caleb in his sleep..and his euro kiss haha..so cute.. im excited to read about this new guy..he sounds hott..lol
7/7/2006 c9 bevy
oh snap... another hot guy! actually keep this one around and not turn him gay or hurt him okay? *giggles*
7/7/2006 c1 Jayson
its got a good plot like to it... but the only thing is.. its a little wordie
7/6/2006 c8 Christy
i really liked this chapter..it was nice and long..i wonder who the guy behind them in the photo is..interesting..the little bit of the conversation about jesse drooling was funny..and i wonder if mel or kalila is going to tell him that he said m caleb in his sleep..id like to read his reaction lol..i felt kinda bad for him when mel said ok enough of this and cut him off from talking about it..i dunno if he wanted to talk about it..but i hate when people do that to me lol..and oh it was odd when kalila's mom told them she had to go so she could yell at her..lol that didnt flow well i thought..a mom wouldnt explain what she was going to do..or..my mom wouldnt lol..i think there should be more of jesse and caleb..the way he reated to seeing him and saying hi was so cute..i would like to see longer chapters like this one..good job little missy..youve got me addicted lol
7/6/2006 c8 Nyte Shade
This was wonderful to sit and read after not being able to read anything in a while. The fight was very good and the dance scene was good even though I didnt understand any of it. Wesley seems hot but I have a feeling about who this girl is...its hella obvious. But keep writing. How many chapters did u post at once lol?
7/6/2006 c8 34haeitsheerin
Yay! I'm not confused anymore! lol. Anyways hmm...I wonder if Wesley made Jason do that. lol. And I Jesse! lol. He reminds me of my gay (well actually bisexual) best friend.
7/5/2006 c8 kiss the bruises
“Oh my god did you guys here!” asked Kalila coming over to my locker.Here should be hear.

“The person who did that to your lockers confused this morning.” She said. Confused should be confessed.

“Its totally not what your thinking.” He replied. Its should have an apostrophe. Your should be you're.

“I cant tell you, but its not what you think.” He said. Cant and iis should have apostrophes.

Make sure you check punctuation. :)

7/4/2006 c7 haeitsheerin
Ha...took me long enough. Anyway...AHH! This story is confusing me. lol. But I think it's because I read it all in one night and didn't get to bed until 4 in the morning. Anyway wow! A gay guy going back to being straight! The thing with the word WHORE written on the locker is just...WOW! I honestly wish I would have been able to do that to someone to be honest. Just...wow.

Sorry for making this really jagged up. I think I have to reread slowly on it...with lots of coffee.
7/4/2006 c7 Christy
lol drinking and not remembering is bad..you did well on the dance description..i couldnt follow it cuz i know nothing about dancing..but i could kinda picture some of what she was doing lol..why does she want to get to know wesley better if she doesnt trust him..or is that why she wants to get to know him better?..
7/4/2006 c7 233kelsi bones
YaY! I didn't see any spelling/grammar mistakes in this chapter. That doesn't mean there aren't any, but I didn't see any. ;P However the review responses were terrible as for spelling/grammar, but I'll let it slide. :)

The chapter was pretty good, but maybe they could be a little longer?

7/4/2006 c7 Erica
This story is becoming addicitng.. lol
7/3/2006 c6 bevy
oh no... young kids + party= chaos.. i cant wait for the next chappie
7/3/2006 c4 bevy
aww... they were so close! lol... what a kinky dream... dang
7/3/2006 c2 bevy
no! not jesse the hot one! you always hurt the hot ones goodness gracious! well off to chapt3
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