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4/11/2007 c1 4Lady Katreina
Okay. I know "Nikki the Hypie" Gave you a huge long list of answers but some of these I know the answers for (and if I don't I'll -try- to say something interesting or witty -don't count on it.)

Oh. And by the way. None of these questions are stupid... Why would you think that?

Who is Killroy?

'Kilroy' is a 'face drawing' who popped up everywhere during WW(2?) "Kilroy was here" was a symbol for the American soldiers that 'there was someone before you who made it. You can too.' (I'm guessing.)

This was made into a play (My middle school enacted it a few years back.)

If the #2 pencil is so popular, why is it still #2?

Because if they changed it to #1 then they'd have to change all the rules in school testing.

What is death like?

Depends on how you go.

What would happen if i painted the word "GO" on a stop sign?

You'd be fined.

Who decided what the colors for a stoplight should be?

I believe it's the same people who decided that green (growing things) was good/go, red (fire/blood) was tolerated but avoided: stop, and yellow just darn hurt (caution)

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

No. Just a lousy unicorn. (But no, there is no end, if you look close enough it's a circle.)

If God made humans, then what made God?

Depends of course if YOU believe in God. (If you don't, then you're probably under the impression that God had to be made. If you do then why are you asking the question?)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Another 'depends on what you believe' answer. Creationism: chicken, evolutionism: egg (because what evolved the first chicken had to lay its egg), ignoranusism: "We don't know" (and mostly don't care!)

What is in a black hole?


Is there such a thing as a white hole?

The sun and all the stars.

If a tree falls, and no one hears it, does it make a noise?

Duh. Just because someone didn't hear it doesn't mean the sound vibrations weren't picked up.

Can B.K. really make it my way?


If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?

Purple (or green depending on your T.V. set)

What's the point of life?

Biologists say: to procreate, Some Bible(igists)say: to prove to God we are worthy

Is this life even real?

Psh. Course not. But that one is on the weekends.

What if your wrong?

1. you meant "you're" 2. if I'm ever wrong, nobody's right.

What if I'm wrong?

That's normal, sadly life goes on.

How do snakes have sex?

There is such things as eggs. (But they don't really, the way you're thinking, they coil around each other and the male gives the female his 'gametes' as it were. But like not all humans do the dead the same, I doubt all snake do.)

What is the opposite of Grey?

YERg. But gray is the opposite of gray (try to prove me wrong on that.)

How did you weigh a soul?

By belief of the holder. (otherwise you do it in plasmoids)

How do scientist know that we have a soul?

Who ever said Scientist said he knows we have a soul?

What is a soul?

Either a figment of the imagination of the masses. Or your immortal self. (Choose the 2nd one, makes death easier to deal with)

Why do smart people suffer so much?

What are you talking about! I make everyone suffer equally? (The smart people who suffer are the ones held back by the ones who aren't.)

Are insane people really just smart people that know to much?


Is there life on other planets?

Our planets? Most likely.

Who would win in a fight, The Power Rangers Megazord, or Voltron?

Which Megazord?

Why are the popular kids so unpopular?

Real popular kids are popular. Unpopular popular kids are just sycophants with many followers.

What is normal?

A setting on the dryer (o I like that one.) Anyways, if you take polls/tests of a population of people and you see a trend. Yeah, that's normal.

Who defined good and evil?

same ones who decided they have a soul (and there's 'nutin you can do about it.)

Did the Church edit the bible?

yes (why do you think we have so many versions?)

If they did, then why?

We can't all read Hebrew.

Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?


Did Jesus ever get married?

That is not in the Bible.

Did Jesus ever have kids?

Nor is this in the Bible.

How do we know what is in the center of the earth?

By how the molten Nickle resonates compared to other metals.

Why isn't the earth banana-shaped?

Because when you spin something that'll stick together on an axis is doesn't make a banana shape.

Can fire get so hot that it freezes?


How can ice get so cold that it burns?

I doesn't. They just call it that because that's what it feels like. (Both of them -destroy- the nerves, so why not?)

What the hell do mosquitoes do for the enviroment?

1. bother the hell outta people 2. feed all the pretty birds (and the spiders, frogs, dragonflys and miscellaneous bug-eaters)

Why are there humans?

So you can ask this question.

How do we know when the sun will explode/the earth will die/the universe will end (choose one)?

1. it won't (too small) 2. because we know the sun is needed for ALL life 3."we" don't, it's my secret

How big is infinity?


Who is the idiot that came up with the idea for taxes?

A king (or presider over a group of people) They have to get money SOMEHOW

Are all inventions just accidents?

No. But most.

Why are most people (note: i said MOST not ALL) so stupid?

Because they don't know people are mean like that.

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?

Because they don't realize they were ignorant until they're not anymore. (and then they still don't realize they're ignorant, it's a sick cycle)

Why is pie r squared?

Because it isn't d squared.

Who was the first n00b?

Eve. (Didn't know how to play the game of Life right darn it!)

What is the proper pronoun for a hermaphrodite?


What killed the dinosaurs?

Me. (Everything is my fault by the way.)

What is the purpose of life?

Computers. (Because point is not the same a purpose.)

Why does the good guy always win?

They don't. Everybody just got sick of seeing the good guys killed so they just sped up the "learning" process and got the the one who could defeat the bad guy. (And because some people, no matter where they are, seem to enjoy Order. Even if Order can be found on either side.)

Why are evil geniuses so stupid?

Because anyone calling himself an 'evil genius' doesn't really know what it means.

Is there such a thing as anti-matter?


How many alternate realities (a.k.a. universes) are there?

Haven't you counted?

Why do we have to be 18 to view porn?

Because people who are 18 can vote.

What is taste?

A combination of smell and impulses sent to your brain.

Who invented words?

the first person who spoke

Why are there different languages?

Not everybody started out in the same spot.

Why is english the most difficult language to learn?

Because English is combinations of multitudes of languages and the rules are so screwed up that the rule: "There's an exception to every rule in English [referring to grammer, sentence structure etc.]" Is true.

What is the easiest language to learn?

Depends on what you already know.

Why does AOL suck so much?

Because you've not been trying enough other things out so it's still stuck on your computer (and obviously your mind)

Why is AOL #1?

Because it makes it "that much better"

Why hasn't someone blown up the main building for AOL?

People who have the knowledge have something better.

Who invented the internet?

A bunch of scientists/teachers. (They wanted to have a database to share knowledge.)

and the one that tops my list of unanswered questions: Why?

7/7/2006 c1 5Nikki the Hypie

According to Google, "Killroy and Tina" is an online comic, which probably means that Killroy is one of the main characters, but there's probably lots of Killroys. Like the sewing shop place online thing, for example.

Because the #1 pencil was so outrageously popular that they had to take it off the market. Now it can only be found on the Black Market or if you know any Mole people (they come in handy for all sorts of things).

Death is like a box of chocolate. Sometimes you get a coconut-filler, sometimes its a fruit filling. Most of the time you're going to be disappointed because really all you're looking for is straight milk chocolate or maybe a bit of caramel, but of course you've got to nibble each of them first. On the other hand, you may not recieve a box of chocolate at all. Maybe it's a bomb. Hitler probably got a bomb.

1 of 3 things. Lots more people would get into car accidents at whatever particular intersection you were experimenting on. The police would probably find and arrest you, using CSI resources. Or people would see the sign and simply shake their heads. Old people, like my Grammie Rose (only she's not really my grammie) would be the only type to fall for it because they're senile.

A committee of ogres decided. At first the colors were the primary three: Blue, Yellow, and Red. One day and one night passed. The next day people started complaining that they couldn't see the blue light at night. So Gary, who was Vice President of the Making-a-Better-Place Ogre Committee (unfortunately he's passed on), after many late nights of brainstorming with Albert Einstein, figure out that if you mix the blue and yellow lights together you'd get a bright green light. Their neighbor Mother Theresa, who's stopped by to borrow some sugar for the lepers, at this time poses the question of yeilding. "Are people supposed to just slam on their brakes when the light turns red?" So Gary spends a night experimenting and realizes that mixing the red and yellow lights together creates a bright orangish hue, perfect for warning people that the light is about to turn red. The story goes on to explain how the Making-a-Better-Place Ogre Committee is actually a cover for a group of villainous ogres trying to destroy humanity through creative means, but that story takes up too much space. Perhaps later.

There is in fact a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but you've got to fight the leprechauns for it. Careful-they're little but feisty.

If God made humans, then perhaps God was constructed from particles of the universe.

The egg. Most people say the chicken, but because I like to be controversial, I'm saying the egg. Plus I think that chickens are the evolved version of dinosaurs.

Lots and lots of balls. Rounds things attract round things, like one of those toddler toys. The boxes with the shapely cut-outs on the lids, with the solid shapes you've got to fit through the cut-outs. Whatever shape the black hole is, it's my belief that many, many, many solids of the same shape may be found within.

Yes. Most people call it the sun. (the direct opposite of a black hole is not a hole at all-instead it's a fiery white object that could consume even Superman if he gets too close).

Yup. And until I have proof of otherwise I'm keeping that answer.

No. It's a lie, it's all a terrible lie. Go ask them-Tell them to give you a chicken patty. Just a chicken patty, no bun, no ketchup. That's my way, and when I asked all they could do was apologize profusely and hand me a cardboard napkin when I burst into tears.

Bright yellow. But they don't appreciate being choked very much, and they're smaller than you meaning they can do a lot of damage without your noticing until it's too late, so I wouldn't recommend getting on their bad side.

To get laid (although personally I haven't reached that point yet).

Nope. It's all an elaborate illusion.

I'm never wrong. But if I was (which is a VERY big "if"), then I've got some calls to make...

Then that's your own problem.

They have a big orgy. I could go into detail, but that would get a little NC17-bestial and I'm not willing to risk my FictionPress account at the moment to answer a question about snakes (which are nice reptiles in general but I'd much rather answer a question about faeries at the risk of losing my FictionPress account through NC17-bestial means).


I added up how much all my enemies weigh multiplied by how many times I've sinned.

They don't. You're just gullible.

Gray matter that resides within your skull.

Smart people usually aren't all that smart if they're suffering.


Yep. That's what I've always believed and I haven't been shown proof to make me believe otherwise.

Depends. Which generation of Power Rangers? There were a couple different Megazoids, if I'm remembering correctly. Either way, I'm voting for Voltron. There's only one voice in his head-less things to waste time arguing with. On the other hand, if his CB radio is on and all his buddies are talking to him, then there might be some problems.

Overlooking the oxymoron, popular kids wouldn't be popular at all if they weren't so unpopular. They're unpopular because everyone else is jealous, including me occasionally.

Good question.



It's an ageless conspiracy to take over the world. Mostly they've succeeded. Hitler was their poster-boy, but then the Church found out about the shrine in his closet, so they gave him a box of explosive chocolates.


No. He fell in love with a whore and she was stoned to death the night before he was to propose.

3-5, all from different women. But he never paid child support, plus there was no record of a legal marriage, and since the Church didn't want to send the wrong message they edited that out.

We don't. Nobody's ever gotten that far because they all died from carbon monoxide in the caves, or they got too hot and turned around. Once again, you're just gullible to believe them-although I approve of your questioning them.

Then the round planets would laugh at us.

Only in one's imagination.

When it's not ice at all but liquified carbon dioxide frozen. Or according to Woon Yu Mei-"If you hold a piece of dry ice too long, it feels like it is burning your skin. Your skin isn't actually burning, though. What is actually happening is that the dry ice is freezing your skin. The dry ice is carbon dioxide that has been frozen at -110 F (-79 C). That's why it hurts when you hold it too long, because your skin is starting to freeze from its cold.The reason that freezing and burning can feel the same is because touching things that are very cold can do the same thing to your cells as touching things that are very hot. The burning feeling comes from some of your skin cells being damaged and breaking open. This happens when the cells' membranes are broken open. (You can think of the cell membrane as the wall of the cell.) If you touch something hot, some of the cell membranes are actually melted, breaking the cells open. If you touch something very cold, the water in your cells turns into ice, forming crystals that can tear through the cell membranes. In either case the result is the same - the cells are damaged."

Feed the birds, bats, carnivorous insects and small faeries.

Everyone and everything needs balance. Eventually humans will die out and the earth will rebuild itself, before it spins off its axis and into the sun. Until then, we're just wasting time. Not to mention that animals would overpopulate and plants... Actually I'm forgetting my theory on plants at the moment. I'll get back to you.

We don't *know*. We're just guessing. And if you believe the scientists, let me tell you now that they actually have little to no idea *when*.

Energy equals Mass multiplied by the speed of light. Figure all that out and you've got an answer. Possibly not the correct answer, but an answer nevertheless.

The French.


Laws of balance. If we were all geniuses then who would make us feel better about ourselves?

You really need to decide which you prefer-First you ask why smart people suffer, then you ask why MOST people are so dumb; now you're asking why MORE people aren't happy. I can't answer a question that's been canceled out by others.

Pie isn't r-squared. It's pi. And it's 3.14 (blahblahblah)... (I failed math).

What's a n00b?

Depends on whether you get along with the hermaphrodite. Otherwise my advice is: if the hermaphrodite looks more like a male, then "he." If the hermaphrodite looks more like a female, then "she." If the hermaphrodite looks like both, then "it." Careful though-some hermaphrodites usually suffer from a chromosonal "condition" called AIS, which stands for "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome"-Google it.


To get laid. Didn't we already go over this?

Because if the villain won then it would send the wrong message to kids everywhere and we'd be growing up in a much more corrupt world than we live in now.

It isn't stupidity but arrogance. Geniuses can't help admiring themselves and bragging-it's a psychological thing. Otherwise what's the point in being a genius? Or an evil genius at that, if no one's going to know who you are or what your cause is?

Yes. Weren't you paying attention in Sciences class?

Too many to count, obviously.

We don't if we find the right websites. The first time I viewed porn I was 13. Most people I know that've viewed porn were 13 or around that age when they first viewed it.

Clearly I wouldn't know.

Depends on what language and if you mean the written word or spoken?

If we all spoke the same language then we wouldn't have secrets, and that'd simply be no fun.

Chinese is the most difficult language to learn. English is just one of the top 10 most difficult.


It's overpriced.

It isn't. Like I've said 2ce before, you're simply gullible-but at least you're doubtful and inquisitive.

Nobody really knows where the main building for AOL is located.

The United States of America. It started out as a way to secretly communicate with allies allover the world in times of war. Blahblahblah, and now it's ours.

7/3/2006 c1 2Scott Rosier
Hmm... Yeah, Destro was clearly asking for you morons to answer these questions... right... I mean, of course he wasn't submitting a collection of entertaining ideas for us to read and brighten our day a bit. Nah, no way were these unsophisticated 'people' who reviewed this with the word "dumb" or "stupid" a perfect example of such an insult.

If case you don't understand, slow ones who seem to think that this genius (literally) is dumb, that was all sarcasm.

Seriously, get a life, read something in the light it was intended, and submit useful reviews so I don't have to get on here and back up my friend and waste the review I was saving for him to school you people.

7/1/2006 c1 10M. L. Mason
You are dumb.
7/1/2006 c1 2Arise Amidst Ashes
Heheh~ some of the questions are really smart/stupid. I love them!

Oh, by the way, are "What is the purpose of life?" and "What's the point of life?" tne same?

Er, and I'll just pretend nobody (you or me or any other) had ever come up with that question or else i might really kill myself for the lack of reason to live...

7/1/2006 c1 Mckenzie Drestire
Ha Ha, fucking ace. Very true tho, smurfs are stupid.
7/1/2006 c1 18Serious Sonneteer
Quote: Why are most people (note: i said MOST not ALL) so stupid?

Don't you mean why YOU are so stupid?
7/1/2006 c1 Jezza
You know what, I agree with you on about 40% of those questions. The other 60% I can answer, and I would, but that would make this review very, very long. Excellent work writing down some of those questions we all think, but no-one can answer. Good Job!
7/1/2006 c1 20utopiadominator
People that are smart find the questions for themselves they don't need someone to find the questions for them.Just start Looking.This is the age of Information,the limit are boundless.


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