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4/1/2009 c24 We Used To Wait
yeah, man. awesome story!
3/19/2009 c15 We Used To Wait
This was one of the most amusing chaps, ol' chap. har har!
3/15/2009 c10 We Used To Wait
3/15/2009 c3 We Used To Wait
oo i think it's so funny how they act around each other. running around the muffin man was funny. it's weird how they like each other more than the others when one is a morning person and the other one is more nocturnal. i guess its deeper than that? i haven't read that far yet. . .

um, um. oh yeah. if seller was the one that took the unconscious kenneth to lay somewhere where he would wake up, wouldn't he have felt a strong temptation to take that sole since it was strong before? it would be strong after he was brought back to 'life,' right? cause didn't they all have strong souls before they became half-dead?

yup-yup. great story by the wayss. i lurve it. like all your others.
11/12/2008 c24 Lovedward48
This is awesome! I love, love, love it!

I think I really needed a break from all this lovey-dovey and this story seemed just right!

I adore the ravens! I was so squealing when they came to help Rise. Why didn't they save him from the faceless? I bet they're all actually way smarter than those humans and they don't transport the souls to the afterlife, no, they eat them and get stronger and stronger till they eventually kill "Life" and "Death"! Muahahahahahahhaha!

But seriously, what would have happened if both "death" and "life“ died? I mean it would only take "life" to kill all humans so what could be so bad that Julian was so freaked out?

And why exactly were those faceless able to hurt Rise by simply screaming at him? Oh well, it was kinda fun though! I liked the faceless!^^

I absolutely loved the soulless as well but mostly the "vampire touch" to them.

Bob is one of my favorite characters! I wish he'd lived a bit longer! XD Taking a closer look I think this story was burstingly full of sexual tension. Of the male/male kind! Hehe! There were just too many hotties and cuties to stay sane! *drooling like the idiot she is*

The plot was amazing and really ingenious! The twists and turns are set just right and one can't help but be hooked! The characters seem so real, like each of them really has a mind of his own. I especially liked the changes in Rises' personality! I must admit that I liked the psycho "I kill you all!"-Rise the most! He was purely fun and so fascinating! Hahaha!

If you really get a book published please inform us! I really want your book standing in my bookshelf! ;)

Ps: Today is so crazy! I've just been told that my sister is pregnant again! Woophies! I'm so happy! It's her third now! This is just so surreal! lol
8/26/2008 c24 4SyMph0Ny Of cOloRS
I lurve this story. The plot is so unusual but it all worked out. I didn't like the ending much "now it was time to start my life." wah-. other than that I liked it and I thought you did a splendid job.
6/4/2008 c4 12Reminising Obsession
Rise?I love the name!I have no idea why though.But i guess its because i like weird names like that.They sound...pretty to me...-_-.Im weird like that!Anyway lovin it so far!
5/10/2008 c18 Saranya
You so should have ended this chapter with "I was Death."
3/24/2008 c24 No Name 7429035
I'm confused, so she forgives him? They love each other? @.@ Well, it was still cool either way. I liked this ending all the same. Didn't. . . like, depress me. I'm not sure if my poor little heart could take another sad ending but I love your writings style SO much! XD So cudos to you!

Much love!
3/24/2008 c1 No Name 7429035
I think eye liner on a guy is HAWT! A lot of actors and singers do it! XD Guys can have very pretty eyes too! XD I don't think it's girly in the least. Maybe a bit dark though. Most guys who wear eye liner are either dark or emo wanna-be's. Lol interesting story! On to the next chapter! XD
2/17/2008 c24 Boo
wow,wow,wow,wow,wow! the ending is the best here. and I seriously hope Fally gives him another chance=))

Great job!
10/13/2007 c24 luv me like no other
omg, u have the most amazing plots ever. this was a wonderful story. the plot line was so disturbing but good.
9/8/2007 c1 fat chipmunk
interesting first chapter...i like how it's in the guy's pov.

everyone keeps posting fic-a-thon stories. what is this fic-a-thon site and how can i get to it? when i google it, bad things happen...
7/26/2007 c24 xXReader.Desu.YoXx
That was the creepiest story ever. I can just imagine the faceless ..people D:

or something...

It is 1:04 a.m. and i have finally finish reading the story- E,may,zing!

The end though...at least its sorta a happy ending.. What am i talking about! It is!

I like Rise character, well before he got all physcotic on killing and stuff...Uh yah.

I suspected the world would be just...completely empty && *Lifeless* ...sorta like the time when Rise [re]met Julian and everything was gone.

Love this story! It was creative and unpredictable ;]
7/17/2007 c24 personwithaccount
i finished reading this story months ago but i never reviewed [sorry, didn't have my account] but i loved the ending! im a sorta twisted, "oh my god Rise has gone crazy, hasn't he?" sort of way.

the lemon pie was cute ;)
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