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7/13/2007 c24 6Wind's Whisper
Wow this was intense. i mean, just, WOW.

I read it all in one sitting, too. Just about killed me. (pun not intended).

Excellent writing. I'm off to check out your other stuff now!

6/24/2007 c24 SparklingStar25
OK.That was unexpected.But really,I wasn't expecting anything negative like end of the world or the death of Rise and Fally..but not this either.I was just ...I don't know.But this was really really good and I was wondering if there is a sequel?
6/7/2007 c24 Lilly
WOW! what a great story! I loved every piece of it, youre absolutely brilliant! you have SUCH cool ideas for fics, I adore you :]
5/26/2007 c24 super happy nuclear girl
Shit, I have to say, where the hell do you come up with these stories? They're mental. In a good way. A very good way.

This was AMAZING.

I don't know what to say. Except, as usual, you amaze me.

God sakes! I loved this.
3/29/2007 c1 stardust
that, in my opinion, was the perfect ending. loved it.
3/27/2007 c24 8Hotkitty
i i i i think im here. i think im (finalli) here. IS THIS NOT LOVE I ASK YOU? is it not. -moment of perpetual deepness- & now im going to buckle up, kinda like this

-buckles up-

and im gonna get readi. kinda like this

-gets readi-

& im gonna start reading. kinda like... kinda like (yes you've guessed it) THIS

-starts reading-

'cause its the last review i wont do an anal -GUFFGIGGLE- (that means analysing, btw. i rescue your head from the gutter. and shall i demonstrate that. shall i shall i shall i shall I) review 'cause it's the last chapter. so i'll give a brief seriousness. ohk. ohkie dohkes. i read on.

omfg HAHA. that was such an awesome ending. it was like... so rise-like. & so, i dunno. all heated and intense and then suddenli it all dissipates, just like that, but in a good way. i likied it. & that had to be the first time you've ever written a good ending. well... apart from resistance but then this ending was happier than that one -pines over chase- so yeah. heartheart. i kant find my outlines -depression- so im off to go tear apart my room now. & i'll catch up on all the other stuff during my holiday. god, im so effing be-hind on everything. but yeah. i liked the whole way fally was all, "you just dont, OHK?" & then the way that you said that nature would do it on its own. that was hawt. like, it was such a simple alternative thing for a system that was pretti complex. & it worked to. so yay. onli... how come rise & fally lost their life/deathness. or did you mention that and i'm just dumb...
3/26/2007 c24 5Queenjewel44
that was a cute ending
3/22/2007 c24 RedBerries
I am SO SO SO confused. Why did everyone die? And wasn't he blind?
3/5/2007 c24 13Natajaaay
awesomness? so is there a follow up? or is it just tht fally and rise get back together again and go and eat some lemon pie? coz im really curious as to who's Life and Death now.

Adam's dead? Ah crap, it's always the cute gothic types who try to overtake Death and get stabbed in the process isn't it...
3/3/2007 c24 3jenesoispas
wow... that was a pretty damn good ending! i really was expecting a "big boom" some sort of apocalystic thing... but i think this ending is appropriately happy because rise really wasnt too guilty in all of this, i guess he was pretty good in the beginning. it was just julian provoking him. bad julian! but yay i really liked this storyy :)
3/3/2007 c24 52Liviania
It is quite close to a happy ending. I love how once Julian and Adam and Tarky are dead and he and Fally are both human, Rise can go back to being all cheerful and stuff. That's going to be a great relationship.

3/2/2007 c24 12Mac Vicchrilli
hip hip hooray for a wonderful story! You did an awesome job! I'm kinda sad it's over but go you for finishing a story ( I for one am extremely bad at that particular part of writing) But you're amazing and should keep writing :) I look forward to seeing something new by you in the near future :)
3/1/2007 c24 4Undecided.And.Confused
Wow, thats so normal, besides all the killing, its not even you. But its still good. Rise seems to be still a little mad thou' Poor Rise. I love this story!
3/1/2007 c4 1Tatiana Moore
I just realized that this reminds me a little bit of that show on Scifi... Dead like me...or something like that. Your story is different though, so that's good. Sometimes I think you could develop your dialogue a little more, and I sometimes feel like Rise's thoughts and the way he speaks is a little... I don't know... not boyish enough. Sure he cusses a lot, but so do some girls. I don't know... I guess I would suggest that you really make an effort to watch how boys act and talk... some things are just a little girly to me... but he is young too, so... I don't know.

Moving on...
3/1/2007 c24 Adurna
this story is effing amazing. The ending is sort of weird, but perfect. But why did Julian die? He wasn't injured.
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