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2/28/2007 c24 4NoLongerHereIMSORRY
Gosh, I love this. The whole simple, everything's normal, ending was great. :D Aweosme job, like all you other stories. Damn, you're like Superwriter or something. lol
2/28/2007 c24 28Tsuyunoinochi Koukyo
Haha, the blank person was me. ~_~ I thought I'd been logged in when I reviewed, but... eh. =/ Anyway! I felt upset that Adam died, 'cause the name is so awesome, but... it's your story, ne?

So this was freakin' awesome! An unexpected ending, but something I should come to expect from you! =D I just hope you do eventually publish another story on fp, 'cause otherwise I'll be all lonely without a story to read!

I've just really got to stop reading your stories at the end of them. -_- I'd like for you to get my reviews once in a while! T_T

And as for my anonymous review... I did have a WHOLE bunch to say in that, like blabbing on about the characters and a tiny problem I had with the story, but it seems fp cut my review down. =_= I can't remember what it was I was having problems with either, but it's not like it was so important anyway.

Anyway! Super duper good job!
2/27/2007 c24 6Agent Raindrop
well that was slightly anti-climatic, but i wouldn't have it any other way! Great end to a wonderful story. Loved it all! The whole thing! Especcially the originality.

Love moi.
2/27/2007 c24 Hyperroll
well, i certainly didn't expect that, but i liked it. there was something realistic about the ending, even though the story itself isn't realistic.

uhm, and i like his spunk at the end with fally. she probably will fall for him again, after, you know, him trying to kill her and vise versa.

anyway, i seriously enjoyed reading this story. i cannot wait for the your new story =]
2/27/2007 c24 5BeingMyself
Hm that's an interesting way to finish the story but I think it could have been better. Amazing story though!
2/27/2007 c24 5tearitrightup
what the hell? the endign was so weird. but nice story plot and everything. i think it went a bit overboard, but i guess some stories are just like that. overall, i enjoyed it tremendously and hope to hear more from you in the near future!
2/27/2007 c24 3Heth
That was a pretty good ending. I was expecting them to die and everyone else just go on living or something, or maybe Rise living and everyone else dying and Rise wandering around for the rest of his days alone and regretting everything he had ever done. But, then, it wasn't all his fault, so maybe that's a bit of a harsh punishment. Can't wait to see what you start writing next!
2/27/2007 c24 19toxic-noodle725
wow that was fast. i never thought that would happen. but im glad u didnt make it a painfully annoying ending where everyone dies. good job!
2/27/2007 c24 2katieee
Awh, this was great! : )
2/27/2007 c24 suicide-girl
you, my friend, are awesome
2/27/2007 c2 1Tatiana Moore
Another good one... I could probably sit here all day reading and reviewing, but I can't. So you're going on my favorite list so I can come back and read more. I hope you explain how they became souless... also curious to what everyone thinks of 100 bodies missing in that town/city... very interesting. Great work.
2/27/2007 c1 Tatiana Moore
Well... I'm hooked. LOL. Great first chapter... I'll definitely keep reading. Curious to see how "young" he is...
2/21/2007 c23 3Heth
I hope The Contract does get published, and that you'll keep writing it. It's a great story, and I really want to see more of it (not to mention see the real second installment).

As for this chapter... Rise is making me sad, but I can understand why he feels the way he does. Is he looking for good people to give him a reason to keep himself from destroying the world? And, I'm glad that he doesn't just kill people by touching them, but has to want it, otherwise it would really suck. I would hate it if I couldn't touch anyone because it would kill them o.o Julian's really taking advantage of Rise being young, too. I'd imagine it's hard for him to keep control of his emotions, and Julian's making it worse by hurting those close to him and making him feel like it's his duty to destroy evil :\ I think I rambled...
2/20/2007 c23 5Queenjewel44
Death is here! What am I going to do! please update.
2/19/2007 c23 13Natajaaay
1) he's finally a nut-job right?

2) him and fally kissed? aw...

3) he really is gunna kill her? OMG! im so confuzzled, my brain has taken enough beatings today...

that's probably at the top of the list of why to dump your boyfriend...
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