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2/19/2007 c23 Hyperroll
::humongous gasp:: OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED? gah, julian completely and utterly ruined rise. i cannot believe this. omg omg omg omg.. i feel like such a little teanie-bopper.

and the end, the end, does he want to kill fally, is he going to kill fally, will she be able to stop him?

::le sigh:: i feel like he's finally reached insanity.. i mean, killing those people like that, it was terrible. no one's perfect, everyone's got something to be ashamed of. what about him? he's far from perfect considering he's DEATH.

well, great chapter, i'm seriously looking forward to the next.
2/17/2007 c23 12Mac Vicchrilli
*stares at screen* nuh-uh...
2/17/2007 c23 Guest
Oh GACKT. I can't believe I only decided to get my lazy ass up and read your story when YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! I feel so unbelievably guilty now, and a bit pissed.

Your story is AMAZING! Your capabilities at story telling rival my own... and you're younger! Not by much, but still! This alone makes me like your writing. ^_^ I've got two weaknesses-yaoi (which you didn't write about, but it's all good) and the name Adam. And like, I saw the name Adam in the first three words of the first chapter-so I totally knew I was going to love your story.
2/17/2007 c23 5tearitrightup
whoa. rise killed 16 people on the dock? well, i thought they deserved it...i mean, torturing birds and stuff. i didnt' think that the girl who cheated on her boyfriend deserved it tho. but the terrorist, he deserved it. i hope I don't become death. =P
2/17/2007 c23 5BeingMyself
This story always has me saying 'Wow'. I like the dramatic-ness of it all.
2/17/2007 c23 52Liviania
I think I was hyper when I left that last review. ^_^

Aw, I feel really sorry for Rise being beset by all the people who want to tell him what to do. And I can just imagine the look of total "huh" on Fally's face after that last sentence.

2/17/2007 c23 2katieee
Ohmygod! That's so not cool. I love this though. =]
2/16/2007 c23 Mellowdy
Whoo hoo. This is getting more and more messed up. Rise is certainly out of control; and I bet you a cookie that your going to kill off Fally or make some tragic, screwed ending.

Not that I care too much. Your writing style rocks. ;)

2/16/2007 c23 4Undecided.And.Confused
Rise did go mad. He is scary. Poor Rise. Oh, No! We're all gona die! :O
2/16/2007 c23 bittersweet suicide
OMFG that was awesome. Is he really going to kill fally? Rise is all evil now. whoa nellie
2/16/2007 c23 Kasee Lara
'I'm here to kill you.'

:D Or... D: Either really. I liked it.

Your imagery is great, and I can feel how creepy Rise is being. Amazing work.

Yeah, The Contract would be a good one to get published. You should write another one, make it a trilogy! Hehe, now I feel like re-reading them. And I don't do that for most FP writers, so feel proud.
2/16/2007 c23 1x-TheSmallPrint-x
Wowe...Rise has gone psycho!

This is a lurvely story =]

And I absofreakinlutely loveth the end to this chapter:

"He’s just going to tell you that you’re Life, and I’m Death, and—well—I’m here to kill you."

Simply awesome.

Update son!

-Ari =]
2/16/2007 c23 4trijinkijapan27
Tsk tsk tsk. Power hungry maniac. xDD
2/16/2007 c23 toxic-noodle725
its been a while. oh well. so rise is becoming evil. tsk tsk. not good.
2/15/2007 c22 1violet-eyez
ooh can't wait till the next chapter
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