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for Cherry Blossoms

1/23/2007 c1 tesa131313
Honestly this didn't make much sense to me until I read it over
9/3/2006 c1 270dustytiger
this is simpple but good, i'm finally starting to get haiku after starting to see more quality ones on this site... cherry blossoms are pretty... hehe

as for the hero thing, i've got a few peices on heroes, it's just a theme i'm working out, hence some are vague, and some are more deep, but thank you for always giving me something to ponder when you review!
7/4/2006 c1 2Ellesmere

7/4/2006 c1 58EyesAreTheWindowsToTheSoul
7/3/2006 c1 131theory of black
This makes me smile. =)
7/3/2006 c1 169MallowsWins
I like this, but I think it could do with a little more imagery. Good haiku, though.

7/3/2006 c1 96Pandakun84
Cool. I like this.
7/3/2006 c1 236mezzie
a very sweet and deep haiku, and a thoughtful comparison to many things

7/3/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
Wow, so powerful! Stunning! Keep writing!

7/3/2006 c1 71MidnightStar005
I always love to read your work.

Thanks agian for sharing..



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