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for Knowledge

7/3/2005 c1 63William G. Thorne
I love this poem, you basicly took what i've been thinking and made it into words. Knowledge is my ultimate goal in life, to attain the knowledge needed for me to survive without error. needless to say that will never happen, it isnt humanly possible but its worth a try. wonderful poem, the use of words create in me a feeling of contentment, but yet longing. brava!
5/6/2001 c1 4Kate Crufi
Mmm... sonnet... :-) I'm afraid I'm quite addicted to them... good work :-) The only recommendation I have is to watch out for the rhythm of the sonnet. Excellent job with rhyming and... what, plot? I suppose that would be the exposition of a theme, or something like that... yeesh, it's been too long. But anyway, good job.
3/11/2001 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
Very, VERY good. Once again, this is another work that makes you think more about life. Great job.
3/3/2001 c1 7The Lighter Side of Darkness
wow, excellent poem, i loved it! i see where you're comming from, this poem rocks! it's going in favorites

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