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for The Beating Heart: A collection of Poems

7/31/2006 c3 4Raymond Lamar Gilstrap
Another good poem and my favorite color is red and I like the symbolism here. Hey I added you to my friends list on my space so check it out when you get the chance. I also started posting some of my poems on fictionpress. They are all blank verse poems and are mostly just ramblings of mine. I can't wait to read more of your poems. You inspired me to put mine up on here. I am currently working on chapter three of Dark Society and it should be up soon. Oh yeah, about the confusion thing. After chapter one, which is the mission, Eve is knocked unconscious, so the next few chapters after that is flashbacks of the previous months. The flashbacks are going to talk about her parents death as well as leading up to the mission. Hope that clears everything up for you.

Until Next Time . . . .
7/17/2006 c37 Faithless Juliet
Powerful internal dialect. We all wonder about things like this and I doubt that any of us will ever really have the answer that we seek, but expressing it and saying something about it is the best way to hunt for it. Keep up the good work. Much love,Juliet.
7/17/2006 c37 IvyTwine
good. i agree but i wouldnt be saying im sorry or i see how they feel. i dont see how they feel. i think (excuse my language) the whole war is bull shit and it is like a living hell. but sory, i was raving on. good poem. i could tell that was how you felt. keep it up.
7/17/2006 c37 GeeGee
I understand you point of view.

Let's start with the first thought that came to my mind. The world in the beginning came with no problems no sin of any kind. Unfortunately for man a choice was made for generations to come and sin propagated every where. The first killing reported in the Bible is between two brothers. Over a useless thought. Our world has been cursed to continue this. It is useless to try and solve it all at once. Yes you are right people are dying for the cause. What cause is that you say? Well we all have a cause. What is your's? Some would say war solves everything so that is why they go to war right? Or is that wrong? They stand behind the President and all he will do to protect their country. Many don't question why. You have stopped and thought about this and that's a good thing because you won't be a droon who stands there and waits for things to happen you can make a difference in your life and others. I really like this and am glad that you have opened up this thought process for others to begin questioning why.
7/7/2006 c2 Raymond Lamar Gilstrap
Hey. I like to read poems because I am not very good at writing poetry myself although I try and I like this poem because I can relate to how the girl feels in the poem. Good job. I will return and read the other ones later because right now I am trying to figure how I am going to get my car started in the morning. My battery is dead :( But anyways, thanks for reviewing my story. I really appreciate it. Just so you know all of the chapters will be pretty lengthy (what can I say, I am inspired by JK Rowling. LOL!)
7/5/2006 c68 Poemkitten7
Wow, I love all the powerful and strong words you use to describe the emotions within the poem. Very beautifully written!
7/5/2006 c68 missmeghanh
wow i really like this
7/5/2006 c61 Samecool11
Ok, this sorta scared me(the title) but it's ok. cause you don't really me you! gosh, you better not...
7/5/2006 c55 Krod155
Wow, this is good. Definitely true.
7/5/2006 c53 Katmufla
that's beautiful. i think everyone should write something like this to their moms. what a great thing!
7/5/2006 c47 Jitterrue
Such lovely imagery
7/5/2006 c19 kyle jordan
I like pie!good poem! :)i want to fly too!Chicken is good.
7/5/2006 c69 Princess-anna57
Excellent work - it's a well written poem! Keep writing!

~Anna~ ^_^
7/5/2006 c68 silence in the dark
This was really good. I liked it a lot... it was very ture and well written.

I was wondering though about this line

"Wreaking trust."

Did you mean "wrecking trust"? As in ruining trust? Not "wreaking" as in stench?

Thanks for the very kind review!

~the Stranger in the moonlight~
7/5/2006 c64 Princess-anna57
Wow. That was so emotional! So well written. I hope everything turns out okay. Be positive, and keep writing!

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