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11/30/2006 c1 EnigmaticArsenic
wow i really love this. the free flowing verses and the premise itself- women and fruit, but no mention of the apple? hm. lol. the symbolism is wonderful.
9/8/2006 c1 35Infinity Plus One
The summary scared me, but this is a good poem, reflecting upon the imagery of peaches - you did well here.
9/7/2006 c1 20stealingzephyrs
This gave me shivers, it's so good!
8/16/2006 c1 140CostumeForAGutterball
Great topic! Inspiring!
7/28/2006 c1 80just dani
amazing imagery. so so sweet. i LOVEd it. one of my faves :D :D
7/25/2006 c1 67astral boy
pitch perfect...? :) Yes, amazing brilliant. I especailly liked the last stanza, and also the part about the pear, I don't know why but I really loved that.
7/21/2006 c1 12meitnerium
this left me in awe and i had to re read...very amazing! favorites!
7/16/2006 c1 10Rebecca Kelsey
I'm glad to see that you are still writing. I used to write often on this site under a different name... or like three names. AuthorWitch, TheKillerWallpaper, and sillyandmisunderstood. I've deleted all my old poems, changed my name and here I am again. :)

I'm looking forward to reading your work again.
7/14/2006 c1 829Anaare
What a wonderful concept. I enjoyed the comparisons in this good piece of poetry. Well done.
7/11/2006 c1 47like a lover
god I haven't been on fictionpress in so long

I can't believe I've missed all this

this is so amazing it just made me go.ugh. I feel like I can't get your kind of poetry anywhere else, it's like a drug and it's just great. ok so I'm gushing. but this poem is flawless, all of it, the words, the images, all the fruits. I love the way your words sound, all sensual and dazzling but strong and powerful. it's just perfect, never change the way you write.
7/11/2006 c1 10Damon Quartez
Cool,inteligent,witty. I like this It's like something you'd here at poetry club
7/10/2006 c1 24heroin zombie
Huh. Sex and food. Sort of perverse, but at the same time playful and summery. Sensual, I guess. The flapper girl reference fits in well, along with the subtle biblical allusion to the tree of knowledge, with the theme of seduction. I like it a lot, though the line breaks could be hammered out a bit more.
7/10/2006 c1 31Holly Rose E
women are like fruits, are they not? delicious. soft. ripe. beautiful. the symbolicism was gaw-jus. i love poetry that exults the female form. as all have said before me, wonderful job. your works keep me going.
7/7/2006 c1 the naked civil servant
tastes like humanity. . .
7/7/2006 c1 6Gilee7
[the flapper girls] I don't recognize this "flapper girl" reference.

[honey child / dipped in sizzling tomato grease.] I saw this line in your summary and absolutely loved it; outstanding imagery.

[prickly though not forbidden, / the fruit meant to be hidden] These lines gave me the image of pubic hair, for some reason.

[she is as round as a cantaloupe,] Another great line.

I want to like this piece more than I do- I certainly admire and respect it- but it's one of your more abstract and symbolic poems, and so it was hard for me to really get into it. I guess it's kinda like Technical Foul, which I believe is one of my strongest, most well-written stories, but you didn't really care for it, which didn't surprise me, since there was no personal connection to it; it's a very "scrotum-ish" story, as I like to call it.

This poem is very different from your usual. Often your poetry features an "I" voice and has a very personal feel to it, as if it was lifted straight from your diary. Your poetry often reads like a stream-of-conscienceness, as well; it seems to ramble while never losing track of what it's talking about. This poem seemed better constructed; it doesn't seem as effortless as your others. I could imagine you sitting and sweating over each line. The recurring fruit imagery is fantastic, and I imagine it was very difficult. So, like I said, when it comes to writing merit, this piece definitely gets what it deserves. It's extremely well constructed and well thought-out. I bow to it. I just don't want to hang out with it, though I know I could learn from it.
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