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8/31/2011 c6 3daddyscowgirl94
Great chapter! The only thing that really bothered levees that when you said her curiousity had been "peeked," I think you meant "piqued"
7/10/2011 c18 wintersalad
Aw, poor Orin. I wonder if Jariath will be Miande's future husband? Oh, and I absolutely love Natius! And I loved the mystery of the castle.
3/11/2011 c18 16mizgardenia21
This story was really cool, but it felt like there was supposed to be a beginning and an ending-like this story was the middle of a trilogy. Just saying...I would not be adverse to reading more about Miande and her fantastic world. I really liked it...except for the part where Orin died. :( I liked him. Awesome writing. I look forward to reading more by you when you get the chance to post more.
5/14/2009 c18 1Ascidiella
So I actually read this as you published each chapter, but I was too busy with schoolwork at the time to drop you a note again. Thank you for finishing this story, and I'm happy Miande solved her mystery!
3/22/2009 c8 Ascidiella
I don't think it's spelled "pegasii" unless it's in a foreign language (wouldn't know which, or it could be British vs US English) or fantasy world specific (DnD, WoW, some fantasy stories). All official media, wiki/google/dictionaries state "pegasi" as the plural. But really, you can pick whichever spelling you want, or call them something entirely different -it's your world 8)

I think the story isn't drawing me in so much because Miande doesn't actually accomplish anything each chapter. It's a mystery yes, but there's not enough sense of foreboding somehow that hangs me over the cliff to the next chapter, and it's frustrating to read 10 chapters later that almost everything is still a mystery, and even the people are a mystery. Also, reading that powerful wizards and witches gathered and tried spells unsuccessfully, she tried this spell and that spell etc, her past mentors told her this and that, supports the plot, but it might have been more interesting do describe what happened in each case, flashback or otherwise, rather than just stating she tried 1 spell, 2 spell, 3 spell, or he told her this in the past. More uhh... action, less statement? That's one guess of what I think isn't drawing me in though, and I could totally be isolated in my opinion!
6/18/2007 c7 Hidden Flowers
Update, please. And it's spelled pegasii. Sorry, I just hate it when stuff is spelled wrong. *smiles slightly* It's funny, but my grammer is decent, and I'm an authoress. *shrugs* Hey, go figure. I'm a strange gal.
9/29/2006 c7 MysteriousStranger
^^ Yipee! Another chappie!Oo, looks like there's a traitor in her midst. I'd exlaim an explicative, but that would be rude!I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Pegusi, but I don't come across them very often in my readings so I always go berzerk when I come across one. ^^Y'know, your writing style reminds me of the Septimus Heap series. Really good books, generally for a younger audience, somewhat sadly, but a good series nontheless.
9/19/2006 c6 MysteriousStranger
E! It has WINGS! YAY!Okay, maybe a little over entusiastic there, but I don't care, pegasuses make me melt! ::turns into a smiley puddle:: And it's so smart! ::squeals in pure joy::
9/16/2006 c6 Guest
9/8/2006 c5 MysteriousStranger
::claps hands childishly:: I'm so touched! Most people just ignore me. ::hugs:: Can't wait! ^^You're obsessed with Mew too? ::looks around at world then yells:: Are you sure you're not a big world after all! ^^The stories in my "Pickle-eating Kangaroo" account might get an update soon too, seeing as my friends won't stop bugging me about it.Ghosts... Ya gotta love 'em.
9/1/2006 c4 MysteriousStranger
::hugs Sati:: I get teased too, but I've grown to either ignore it or be polite while being surprisingly mean at the same time (image~I get out of my car, and be extremely polite to the other rude driver who flipped me off while bashing his windows with a baseball bat). The only people I fit in with are online. I eat lunch alone in the girls' locker room, but since I'm such a hermit, it doesn't really bother me anymore.Pokemon, hee hee...I could say something but since you asked me not to, I won't. ^^ Well, I say one teensy thing. They're cute. ^^Okay, Miande could use a little background. I realized that we don't know a great deal about her. Even little tidbits like that are great for stretching out stuff like walking down the hall to the next tower. And always remeber the 7 senses of writing that I recently discovered!:SIGHT-what does the place look like? Are the colors wet and soggy or bright? The rug design?SMELL-what does it smell like? Nasty? Dusty and somehow reeking of rosemary? Are the candles scented?SOUND- do her shoes clack noisily on the stones? Does Segri shuffle along so that his shoes scrape softly on the stones?TOUCH-what does the cloth feel like? Smooth as butter? Are the candles bumpy beeswax?TASTE-is the smell of the rotting food so strong she can practcally taste the rotting fish? ::gag noise:: Does her supper practcally melt on her tongue?AURA (atmosphere)-does the room feel hostile or foreboding as cold rain smacks on the glass? Like someone's going to suddenly appear and attack? Or does it feel welcoming as the sun peeks through the window?and...umm...I can't remember the 7th one. -_-V Urgh. I let you know what it is as soon as I remember it. Oy, how frustrating. Well, I hope those 6 help you. Now, please excuse me while I tear through my scrapbook and scream pointlessly at the destroyed paper.
8/29/2006 c3 MysteriousStranger
Yay! I'm back! And my face feels like it got hit by a truck! Doesn't look it though...yet. Wasn't as major as it was originally going to be. One of those "doctor-sees-my-cat scans-and-heads-for-the-hills" things. Three doctors ran away before this guy. ::sweatdrop::Low self esteem? You? ::gapes:: I never would have thought...impossible... How come? Randomness or is somebody mean to you? I can send them spam if you want. They'll get multiple e-mails asking them to subscribe to a magazine about cheese. ^_^I don't care what you say, I'm idolizing you anyway. I ususally hate mystery books and I love this one. Maybe it's the magic, I'm not sure, but I love it like its up on the shelf. And it's only three chapters in! Villan wins. Fun. I been trying to start one up but... that's just not the way those heroes work. Damn magic medallion keeps 'em winning no matter what I do.I, geez, review about the story. ::panic:: I realy need to stop type-talking so much. But I guess it's partially because I've have to talk by writing on paper for a week. Ack! There I go again! I love the invisible door and the hidden room. I started drawing it. ^^And thanks for the "good luck." I've been smiling ever since I read it. Makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Also means my face hurts like heck. Hee hee hee...
8/16/2006 c2 MysteriousStranger
Yay! Let the prisoners go fre! ^^I love how she's so determined. ^_^ This story has barely started and I can already say that it just keeps getting better and better!Happily ever afters are over rated, in my opinion. I like to leave a little hole at the end. An opening for another story if I feel like it. Actually, I don't know if I've ever written a happily ever after story before. Hmm.Can I ask a favor? I idolize you. I really do. And I'm going into surgery. ::short scream:: Can my idol wish me luck, please? ^_~
8/13/2006 c2 15justine dayea
Nicely written. (ain't computer viruses a bitch? Especially if it's a trojan virus...Ugh! I hate them...)
7/6/2006 c1 MysteriousStranger
O, shiney...Seems good so far! ^_^ Very interesting. Could easily be the start of a mystery story, but I don't think that's quite what you have in mind, huh?I love Miande already! She's clearly one of those independent, don't-need-men-I-can-do-it-myself type of people. ^_~ She seems like she's had a rather rough past too. Hmm. Can't wait to see what it is.

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