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for My GIft To You

8/28/2006 c1 9RuchiraMandal
you are really into writing love-oetry aren't you?Well, this is again so wonderful.
7/24/2006 c1 5LovelyPain
This is really good...I love how it's written, and I can definately relate
7/21/2006 c1 44RomeoandJuliet
when pain is conveyed through a writers work, you can feel it. And I felt every tear. Good job.
7/7/2006 c1 113Travis C. Eckert
Good job here. Please R&R my stuff too please.
7/6/2006 c1 35JAGreenDay
Aww, i hate him for doing that to Jack, that bastard, i hate him 2!

7/6/2006 c1 56from beneath the bell jar
Ah that's sad. Cheaters suck. I really appreciate the emotion in this poem. Some gifts you can't get back. Anyway great piece. You should check out my poem "Between the Raindrops"

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