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for Of Dragon Birth

2/15/2007 c7 3Mecha019er
this is an overall great story, i'm no expert on grammar but i do see some errors, the plot though is what keeps me interested so please continue to write more of this. i would like to see how this all turns out
7/22/2006 c3 evil-kenshin
woops now i feel stupid, my mistake, i misread (i thought they were the assemble infront of their own element not hte opposite) sorry
7/22/2006 c5 evil-kenshin
good chapter but you mucked the charachters up, in the last chapter it was shu han that was fire, and kylie that was water, but in this chapter its the oposite
7/19/2006 c4 evil-kenshin
great story so far, can't wait for the update , though i wonder how it will effect him once he relises everything
7/19/2006 c4 2DriftBlood
its not really my style but i love the story line!

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