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5/6/2010 c3 Elber of Torou
These are very interesting. When will we see more codes?
4/27/2009 c1 12Yellow Umbrella
I love all sorts of codes. Actually, in English, the most common letters of the alphabet are;

a s i n t o e r

you can remember this if you know the phrase 'a sin to err'.
11/25/2006 c3 11Vivix
Also, the Vigenere cipher is very difficult to break using hand analysis. With regular substitution cipher, a method called frequency analysis can be used to crack. In the english language, the most common used letter is E, so the codebreaker has to see which letter is most frequently used on the message. It will most likely be E, or possibly A. Using these cues from the language itself, regular substitution cipher is easy to break, given time. But with the vigenere cipher, you see that in your message, the letter L is coded using F,L,V,J,W. This makes frequency analysis analysis very, very hard if the keyword was kept secret. An easy method to continue an existing message was to first make a keyword. In the next message, the very first part of the message will be the keyword, which would be encoded using the previous message's keyword. So a lifelong correspondence could be secured with just one keyword. It was such that the Vigenere cipher was considered unbreakable for almost three hundred years, a title not many other ciphers enjoy.
11/9/2006 c2 9Arfean
Interesting topic, this gives me quite a few ideas for my writing so thank-you. Also, I think you misspelled 'Julius Caesar' in the first chapter; I thought I might point that out (shouldn't really, my own spelling is terrible usually).
10/18/2006 c2 27ClassicTrick
this was very intresting

i didn't know about the chatspeak one, so thanks!
8/14/2006 c2 crossed Ts
this is a very interesting topic. the only code i actually know is the pigpen code. i find it fun to do and deciphen (but then again, i love drawing boxes and dots). um, in regards to you question, maybe just put the simple stuff first then you can progress the the more complicated ciphers.
7/8/2006 c2 11Vivix
The system you presented here doesn't seem like the 'use all' code at all. It takes quite a bit of time and lotsa notes to decode and encode each message, not really practical if your teacher is even half awake.

I say write about each cipher/code in the order they appeared, so the increasing complexity with time is easier to grasp.

P.S. I use the vigenere cipher for my secret messages. It's on a program on a calculator. No mess, no fuss, and nay impossible to crack in a short message.
7/7/2006 c1 84Meihan
is this asking or is the a chp? idk lol but i like it haha. xp anyways update soon even if its not a story or not idk lol. =P

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