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10/4/2010 c15 3lost in pale blue
For the most part I really enjoyed this. However, I don't understand why Taylor Gao would tell teenage Brooke that his name is Taylor Johnson. It created unnecessary pain and confusion and doesn't make a lot of sense. And why did he say that Rosalie was their daughter?

Beyond that, I'm glad that he and Brooke ended up together. I was charmed by him from the beginning.
6/11/2010 c15 Hidden Flowers
I love it! I only read beyond the summary because I figured that nothing with a T rating could be about incest... And I was delighted to find that I was right. But I wanted Taylor Gao for MYSELF...
8/18/2009 c15 abbsi
I have to say, I found your story more than a little confusing... I mean, it sort of makes sense, but Brett's prior time travel? Why does Brett write his name as Taylor Johnson? I mean, just some plot points that don't seem to fit quite right, no offense. *shrug* good read, though
10/31/2007 c15 Unknown Sorrow
Ok, I know this is unsigned, but I can't log in right now... So anyway...

I loved this story! I didn't review in the other chapters cause I was too hooked on it! I do have to say that there were errors that I saw with grammar sometimes or other small things, but it was still awesome! I think, in honor of this fantastic story, I'll have to write you a book in return...of course in this review, but I've nothing more to say besides that I loved your story and if there was a sequel, I'd love it even more, although I'm not sure how there could be a sequel, but oh well. Keep writing and I'll probably be reading the next story that you finish-I can't stand waiting for the next chapter... It's too suspencefull for me. Anyway, keep writing cause you're now on my favorite authors list...that is as soon as I log on and add you...and I'm watching for long books!

and here's my signing...


Unknown Sorrow
1/7/2007 c14 6naningxoxo
omg... i know that the story isn't over yet but i HAD to review... i'm just so amazed at how smart you are.. i mean you came up with all these hints and the reasons behind it...
12/26/2006 c15 Shefali
AW HOW CUTE! Yay that was so sweet.

And I liked how they named the doggy Pete. And they watched Aladdin. I like that movie.

But...Ally seems kind of sad at the end. And I like her. That's sad. T_T
12/26/2006 c14 Shefali
Aw Rosalie is adorable! Yay. =]

Ahh I still love Phantom of the Opera.

...Anywhere you go, let me go, too. That's all I ask of you. YAY I LOVE THAT SONG! =]
12/26/2006 c12 Shefali
Oh I so called him dying!

(By the way, according to either Mr. Hayman or Ms. Zacanti, I don't remember which, vodka lacks a taste.)

But yay for drunken revelations! That's always fun!
12/26/2006 c11 Shefali

...Although my favorite's probably Chandler. How can you not love him?


Another example of my influence on you. =] (Just like Emma - the book)
12/26/2006 c10 Shefali
...Taylor J dies, right?

Aw yay for cuteness! And FOREVER! Like...THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER! Yay!

I'm kind of thirsty...should I go get a drink?
12/26/2006 c9 Shefali
Ooh adultery. That's always fun!

Yay for Phantom of the Opera.
12/26/2006 c8 Shefali
Oh...drama llama begins.

Yay I love Taylor. But I love Chase more. =]
12/26/2006 c7 Shefali
Yay high school reunions sound fun...

But I guess it's good she's happy with Taylor Johnson...but now that Taylor Gao's back in her life...this should be interesting.

God I need an energy outlet...I'm so hyper right now.
12/26/2006 c6 Shefali
12/14/2006 c1 5jointedlegs
Hey again! :D Haha anyway I found I didn't do this story justice. I meant to write more in my review but my internet connection got cut off halfway and my smiley got cut off halfway.

(See that colon at the end of my last review? Yeeap...there's a big 'D' left behind it. :D)

And just to let you know this is under my...FAVOURITES! hahaha okay i am too hyper...but i love this story rewrite the ending maybe if you can kay? and thanks for replying my review!

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