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4/17/2021 c1 6lunaeclipse1205
Hey this is really good you have a way with words seriously
7/10/2006 c1 Iris
Congratulations. You are clearly the bigger person. Thank you for your opinion on my work.
7/9/2006 c1 195t-t-t-ouch
Ok, so this is my story. And to respond to the comment of the person that said, this is so blatantly plagerized, i did it as a spin off of the song. I took it and changed it, theres only a few things that are even the same, and even so they arent worded the same. Let me just get this straight, I was IN NO WAY attempting to take the Panic! at the disco song, and claim it as my own!
7/9/2006 c1 72Iris Early
Well. This is quite a large rip off of Panic! At The Disco now isn't it? Maybe you could have worked a few more of their song lyrics into it, I don't know, it just looks like you could have tried a leetle harder at your blatant plageurism.
7/9/2006 c1 189oxytocin
This is AMAZING. Such an interesting style. ... Do you like Panic! At The Disco? Awesome band. Check them out if you don't know them. This tells such a poignant story with a subtle hint of humour. Keep it up!
7/9/2006 c1 7Bishop Tomb
Very interesting, I like it a lot, you must have really put some thought into this one. Good job. I wish I was good as you. No ones reviewing my stories. I’m a bad writer, but if you could review some of my work it would be a big confidence boost. Our maybe you could tell some people on the site about my work.

ThanksBishop Tomb

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