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7/24/2009 c4 iman1234
update soon
6/13/2009 c4 45sarasoldaccount
Please update soon! This story is so captivating.
11/28/2008 c4 4Twitdit
oh WOW! i LOVE this story! it really captured my interest! please Please PLEASE post the next chapter SOON! :)
6/5/2007 c3 aRUShtotheheadlikebRainFReeeze
what's going to happen? i hate not being able to finish reading a story. This is very well written and i am looking forward to more chappie's.
6/5/2007 c1 aRUShtotheheadlikebRainFReeeze
I'm very interested. Let's see what happens...
12/22/2006 c3 1Kissed-By-De-Mist
Oh! Update Soon! ^_^


*~Monarchy Miss~*
12/22/2006 c2 Kissed-By-De-Mist
Wow. All I can say is...wow. You really SHOULD get this published. I swear it's genious.

And, as a head's up, I think "thank you" is two SEPARATE words, with or without the hyphen in between.

Good work! Cya in the next chapter!


*~Monarchy Miss~*
12/22/2006 c1 Kissed-By-De-Mist
I'm so glad that you DID choose to write this, rather than the high school drama! This time era is my absolute FAVORITE, and the way you describe everything is superb!

I really love the beginning to this, so I expect the rest to be just as fantastic? Let's see.

Magnificant job! More soon please! ^_^


*~Monarchy Miss~*
10/25/2006 c3 sacfantasyfreak
aw...i wanna see wat gonna happen next

update quickly please!

9/10/2006 c3 DESTINYHUNTER
woa this chap was good UPDATE SOON!
8/28/2006 c3 1cath2356
Oh I love GOne with the wind! It's one of my favorites! I love this story! update soon!
8/18/2006 c3 dssb3
I'm very much enjoying your story. It is really interesting. Your writting is very good...it sounds like i'm reading it from a book. I enjoy it very much. Hope to read some more soon I love this story. :)
8/18/2006 c3 lalaLAMA
o m g! all i cna say is wow, i loved that chapter. update soon!
8/18/2006 c3 gonnabefamous
LOVE IT! Lol I'm excited about finding this story and I hope you will update often.
7/25/2006 c2 melly
hahaha...i love your story LOTS so hurry an update!
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