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12/12/2006 c1 33LightfootLee
Well written and truthful if not just pessimistic.
11/30/2006 c1 8Atlas Bergeron
I like it.

You say it is a song, is there any place it is sung? Is there anywhere I can have a listen? Would you like it sung to rock music, to rap music (hehe, it does rhyme), or maybe sung with orchestrated music? (I would go with Hard Rock/Alternative personally).

Anyway, which would you prefer? Or do you prefer it to be just read?
8/27/2006 c1 27macro90
no morality no beauty no nothing! why don't you tell the little kiddies what they want to hear?
8/8/2006 c1 MaxxRidarr
And you are a presumptuous cock. Welcome to my block list fuck head.
8/3/2006 c1 57tofujunky
I don't think you could have said it any better. Genuine and powerful indeed.

No trust, only _ and _?
7/30/2006 c1 112LavenderFox-Daisy
this is very powerful, objective and effective. it grabs my attention without question, not only because it unveils the bitter injustice outside but also because it describe it without any exaggeration. i love it! it's so blunt and so genuine! there is no order only destruction and you can illustrated that oerfectly. thanks for writing
7/29/2006 c1 Mbwun
True dat. Sounds like a Bad Religion song. Radness.
7/11/2006 c1 151Mireille Caelarily
Peace through superior firepower, eh? Or not peace, as the case may be. interesting perspective. well-rhymed and...affecting. with news nowadays it seems like this is fully real, doesn't it? now there are a few freaky thoughts... by the way there's a poem of mine you might like, "Bubble Man." what you describe is the world outside the bubble...
7/11/2006 c1 Sir Scott
Interesting, only those who have power have freedom the rest of us are just kidding ourselves.

Wishing For the Best and Expecting the Worst, ~SirScott~

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