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for The Infowar: A Novel of Asymmetric Warfare

11/23/2006 c22 Kreen
Interesting plot twist. Now I reread it, this was hinted at for a while.
11/19/2006 c21 7Haku
Looks like there's a bit more intrigue now...not to mention a member of the Network having been stitched up. This piece adds a lot more tension to the story...up until now, they've seemed to be relatively safe despite having largely violent and ruthless opponents. Good job!
11/18/2006 c21 Kreen
Awesome story so far! Your tech, sociology, and economics, not to mention characters and world, completely rock! The pace finally kicks into high gear. Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/29/2006 c20 Kreen
Awesome story, man! The economics, sociology, tech, and characters rock. Joel and Nemo are two of my favorites.
10/24/2006 c1 8Zygnus Windell
NICE. I'd read more but class is beginning.
10/10/2006 c6 7Alankria
I particularly liked the guarding the guards exchange at the end. Interesting chapter all round, and looks like things are really about to get started.
10/10/2006 c4 Alankria
Not much more to say other than this was an interesting chapter. Loved the term 'meatspace'.
10/10/2006 c3 Alankria
Same format as usual...

"[indicating] whoever had hurled the projectile had left in a hurry."

"He reached for his cell phone and called the police." - If his secretary is already calling the police, it seems kinda pointless for him to do it too.

"they had to find the “Isle of Skye.” - which is an island off the coast of Scotland. How would the police be stumped by this? Confused, maybe, but at least they'd wonder if the letter referred to the real place.

Interesting chapter. You painted his convictions convincingly, and set it up for some interesting action later. Reading on...
10/8/2006 c18 Edcrab
Parts of all that were a bit... you know, yuck. You tend to pull those off so well!

Anyway, I'm still liking the story- and by extension, the characters trying to get through with things.

Ernst seems quite sympathetic as a personality, and although I'm not quite as sure about the others, there's no one I actively hate (you'd be surprised how many 'professional' works I've found with unlovable protagonists/backup characters).

Overall- not forgetting the quotes and such-like- it's very thought provoking, with the usual winding plot you'd expect and a liberal application of clever twists and turns. Not usually my thing, but definitely worth my reading time!
10/5/2006 c2 Alankria
Same format as the previous one...

"Ernst was wary of them, of course." - As the opening sentence of the previous paragraph ended with 'of course', I recommend changing this sentence to: "Naturally, Ernst was wary of them."

"was the land of the Red Star was now a capitalist paradise of sorts" - This sentence feels a bit awkward. Maybe: "was the land of the Red Star's new status as a capitalist paradise of sorts." or something like that.

"there [were] worse things out there than the Russian Mafia."

"He went to a site named StalHimmel" - Because you use the phrase 'a site' in the next part of the sentence, I advise cutting it in this one.

Another interesting chapter. I like that Ernst is a logical character, with a good reason for what he is doing.

I have to go cook dinner now, but I'll try to come back to this story soon. So far, so good.
10/5/2006 c1 Alankria
Hey. Figured it's about time I took a crack at this one. Any corrections in square brackets, reviewing as I read...

"A cell of some demented terrorist group or [other] had been captured"

"As usual, there was plenty of things the White House was not telling public." - This feels a touch clunky. How about: "As usual, the White House declined to make plenty of things public." or something like that.

"It was a reminder [of] how similar the parties were becoming"

"there [were] ways to help change the menu" Or, maybe: "ways existed to help change the menu."

"they’re planning [on] assassinating a certain scientist"

Very, very interesting. The decrypted text reads well: theorising but not too heavy, and it's filled with good ideas. The email exchange at the ends shows potential for some very interesting plotting. You've got a good start here. Reading on...
9/30/2006 c7 2JustJack
Up to this point, this story is quite interisting. Even though I might have a few disagreements with what you're triyn to say, I'd say that you're 'on the right side'. The only critique I have is that your view on the so-called Third World countries is quite simplistic. By the way, nowadays most of them aren't ruled by despots but by democratically eleged neoliberal presidents (which are not that much better than the despots, anyway).Please don't mind any posible grammar error this review might have, I'm just another Third World country 'citzen'.
9/13/2006 c15 LightningFlash21
Getting exciting...an informer. keep it comeing
9/10/2006 c3 Arkash
Oh, this is horrible; to receive his daughter's body in pieces.

But very interesting. Keep up the good work. *_*
9/3/2006 c14 dreamshell
Great latest chapters. I really enjoyed the party scene; it's good to see these people are still able to have something that passes for real lives amidst this growing chaos. I also really liked your use of Eisenhower quotes. These were doubly interesting to me as (while I like all the characters), the writer and the metalhead are probably the most immediately appealing to me. The metalhead especially seems fascinating, the balance of intellectual and "barbarian" is an evocative one.
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