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8/24/2009 c12 sunshine1991
i absolutly love this story, at some points it had me cracking up with laughter and at others it had me bawling like a baby. but i see you havent updated in a while and that upsets me :( lol soo i was hoping you would update really really soon :D
4/12/2007 c12 1teknikalitiez
I love this story! It's very well written, and I like the plot. Please update soon!
4/1/2007 c12
AW! i love this story, it's amazing!

I think Karl and Cat are my favourite couple, and i can totally relate to Dannie (in her hyperactiveness) and oh, please, please, please, please update soon!

1/11/2007 c12 1xCoolChickx
hey tash!

how are you? hows uni going?

atm im at school on a free bored! im loving your story so far! its really good and also slighlty addictive! lol, but i was wondering when you were going to update again. i havent had a chance to do any writing for a while cos ive been so busy, but ill probs spend some time on mine in half term and update them. oh and i should hopefully be getting a laptop for my 18th! hows the course going? love amy x
1/3/2007 c12 Hannah
aw great chapter :)

wow i've actually caught up with the reading yeyness :D lol

1/3/2007 c11 Hannah
hehe love this chapter :D

lovin dannie :D shes an ace character :D

1/3/2007 c10 Hannah
oo i like this chapter :)

still like the whole bev james thing :D

o karls not very nice is he! lol

1/3/2007 c9 Hannah
heyloo! i haven't read your stories in so long its terrible! great chapter :D bev and james :D aaw hehe

11/21/2006 c11 Tw1ggy
AUGH! You did exactly what I didn't want! I should have known it was coming, well actually I did but your story is too good to stop reading! But anyway AUGH a 'Tash and Sirius Romance'! Ok I can see Tash liking Sirius eventually, well duh she finally does, but CAT! Liking KARL! That seems impossible. But like I just said even though before I said I would stop reading if you made the above happen, well I'm not going to the story is too good!

Yay James and Bev are together! So cute!

:) Twiggy
11/20/2006 c6 Tw1ggy
Woah! This is totally just like Tash ans Sirius! "Annoying but hot!" That is like a direct quote from Begining of the End! Seriously if you make Karl and Cat have a "Sirius, Tash romance" I'll stop reading this fic! I kinda doubt you'll do that but...

So other than that I enjoyed this chapter but the more I read the more I want to read the rest of your other story with the REAL James! Aka James POTTER! LOVE THAT GUY!

:) Twiggy!
11/19/2006 c5 Tw1ggy
Yeah go Cat! She has the best comebacks for when someone says something mean to her! So does Harry! As in Potter, but on that subject, I like this story but the more I read it the more I want to read the rest of Till Death Do Us Part! Will you please post the next 2 chapters soon!


:) Twiggy
11/19/2006 c4 Tw1ggy
I don't really have much to say other than- that was hilarious!

But one quick question who is going out with who, it's confusing when you keep switching characters!


:) Twiggy!
11/19/2006 c3 Tw1ggy
OMG the more I read the more I love this story, wonderfully written, love the characters I just can't stop reading it! Plus I want to find out what happens to Cat's sports bra! Ok here's a couple questions, comments and concerns-

1) Boarders, is this a bookstore only in Britain? Because we have on here called Borders. Same one just spelled differently or a totally different store?

2) My god you are using all the names that are messing me up while reading this. First James and now Claire! That's MY name! Wow I work at a bookstore! Not exactly my career choice!

3) PLEASE don't make Cat and Karl have a Sirius/Tash (you!) romance. You know guy likes girl but girl loaths him!

4) There are so many things similar to your L'n J story! Gazing into hazel eyes and thinking about them! Hmm ring a bell, BEGINING OF THE END!

5) Aww poor Bev with her sick brother! Poor girl!

Can't wait to read more! Minus my James issues! Hey notice how my reviews actually stay on track for this story unlike my reviews for Till Death! But they both are extremly long!


:) Twiggy!
11/19/2006 c2 Tw1ggy
Wow Tash I love this story so far, not as much as Begining and Till Death but I'm really enjoying it so far, I'll have to get my sister reading it, I was the one who got her reading Begining and Till Death also. I love your writting style, I like how you go between characters it's a good way to break up the scenes and keep the reader interested, which I deffinitely am.

However I have one problem- James! this is really messing me up because right now I'm in the middle of reading two of your stories, this one and Till Death! And they both have a James! I of course like James Potter MUCH better, LOVE THAT GUY! But my point is it's kinda hard to read two stories with James at once! Plus he has BLACK hair! and blue eyes, wow he looks like Sirius! :) Did you HAVE to use that name, well I for one shouldn't be talking because James is my favorite boy name. Also you made, what's his name, Karl? He has HAZEL eyes! Once again JAMES!

Ah well I'll try to make this work but whenever I see his name I immediatly think of James Potter!

Ok gotta read more, can't wait to see if Bev ever gets James (augh can't say his name, it's so confusing! James is with Lils not this BEV!)

:) Twiggy!
11/19/2006 c1 Tw1ggy
Haha! Hi Tash it's me! 'Boodles! Yeah so now I get to annoy you about this story AND Till Death do Us Part. Well my point is NOT to annoy you but to send you a review for your story. So even though it says Twiggy (another of my many nicknames) I really am 'Boodles I'm just under a different name on this site but I plan to change my fanfic name to Twiggy also.

But anyway the review- Love your story so far, I like all the characters (great character developement) well not as much as Lily, James, Sirius, Tash Jen... but hey this isn't Fanfic! But yes this is a great story so far, I'm only a couple chapters in so far but... I deffinitely like Cat, she seems like she'll be a fun character (love the sarcasm! ;)

One quick question either I'm being blone (which I literally am, hair I mean) or this is some British thing- Whats POV stand for?

Can't wait to read more of this story! (And Till Death Do Us Part, hint hint, post chapters 29, 30 and 31!)


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