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5/16/2007 c11 Hidden Flowers
You know that "suspiciously like Carrie" thing? Well, you used it in "Voice Like An Angel," which you better finish soon.
5/16/2007 c10 Hidden Flowers
*coughs discreetly to hide her giggles* Lynn is *cough/giggle* amusing. *cough/giggle cough/giggle*
5/16/2007 c9 Hidden Flowers
*sighs dreamily* Can you get somebody to make a Don, just for me? Robin can stay in your book, and I'll have him all to myself. *sighs again*
5/11/2007 c15 3Tariqa Bass
they broke up? ah they were so sweet tho!
4/11/2007 c15 Mean titan
I think you should write a sequle
3/13/2007 c7 demoness online
great story so far I can't finish reading it just yet but I will deff. come back and finish it...
3/4/2007 c15 2Simple Thoughts
wonderful story. I few mistakes in your french though. Great job!
2/8/2007 c15 84hidden.contradiction
I've read through two of your stories now, and I like them both, but what I really like about them is the endings. I like how they're finished, but they still leave the reader the option of the ending. I don't know, maybe it's just that they seem more realistic than "and they lived happily ever after!" but I like it.

that's all that I wanted to say really, HAPPY WRITING!
1/28/2007 c15 yonderwindow
hope this means there's a sequel :]
1/25/2007 c15 Shannon
theres a reason why i dont remember reading this. you never sent it to me to beta. whatever. i just realized that i love Brendan's character. hes a funny guy.
1/24/2007 c14 19Hydie
I LOVE it!
1/24/2007 c15 6xXTaintedInkXx
hm..i didn't like the ending all that much, too short. but i like the way you made it sound like they'll meet again, sounds like a premanition to a sequal. think there'll be one? i hope so cuz i like you storys and the way you write. Good job.

Ja ne,

1/23/2007 c15 Alenor
oh that's a nice epilogue, leaves space for a sequel if you ever feel like writing one, the whole "i wonder if i'll ever get to find out" thing makes it seem like you'll be writing a sequel, thus i pose the question: are you writing a sequel? great story, cya later ~ Alenor.
1/23/2007 c15 unconnected14
I wanted Robin and Don to be together in the but they're still goos friends and they're happy so it's ok. I loved the story.
1/23/2007 c15 wandless
Oh no! Don and Robin were great! Oh well... Great story, please keep writing!
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