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10/10/2006 c12 unconnected14
Great chapter. Post more soon.
10/10/2006 c12 Alenor
heya, this was a great chappie. i really hope their mum doesn't win the legal battle because she doesn't deserve to raise them anymore. can't wait for more to see what happens ~ Alenor.
10/10/2006 c12 1whateva123
i liked this chapter.it was fun reading it.update soon.
10/9/2006 c12 iiHEARTyuu
i`ve got three words ..aw ! HOW CUTE ! =)ii like don matt nd brendan .. =)they`re cute .. lols ..
10/9/2006 c12 wandless
Good chapter! Looking forward to seeing how things with her mum turn out.
10/9/2006 c12 2Jayn
Thank bloody god you updated. Or at least your beta. ^_^ I'm so happy to see shes alive but now i'm dying to know if she'll be safe from her mom or not. PLEASE update!
10/9/2006 c11 Shannon
Cheryl!you did NOT post the latest chapter that i have already betaed. wow, that looks really wrong.like, spelling wrong.
10/8/2006 c11 lunakmerry
I love this story, please update it soon
10/4/2006 c11 2BookCrazy24
hey! I love both your stories they are great! honestly i haven't read any really good ones in a while! hope you update soon!
9/27/2006 c11 4Gilly Bean2
I cannot say that I have ever had a problem with not eating, so I cannot really relate. I've always had a fast metabolism because I am very athletic (soccer and horseback riding, among other things) and if I do not eat something every now and again throughout the day, my stomach definitely tells me, not to mention I will feel dizzy and lightheaded. But I have the added complication of hypoglycemia, so it would be really bad if I stopped eating.

I really am sorry about how your mother treats you. A parent should not treat their child that way. My great-grandma has always been obsessed with image, and she used to always rag on every one of the girls in the family about standing up straight and watching what we eat and, myself in particular about how I was not behaving in a ladylike way (playing soccer, football as she calls it). It became a sort of joke to everyone, and still is now. "Sit up and put your shoulders back, you look like a toad." She does not pick at us so much now, though. But you should not have to put up with that kind of treatment, and this day and age, parents should know better. It is great to instill healthy eating habits in your children (which is best done by example and the practice of healthy eating when growing up) and encourage activity, but it is just not right to nag your child about their weight (I do not care if they are 100 pounds overweight, there are better ways to go about helping your kid lose weight).

Well, until next chapter, cheers!

9/27/2006 c11 4Saraestla
Hey, this chapter was soo sad... But it's good you got her to space out. At least she'll go to the hospital and her mother would FINALY see what she's doing to her...

Update soonSaraps: could you read and review my story plz? that would be awsome :D
9/26/2006 c11 1Cara Deanna
XD it was a really good chapter. i can't wait for the next chapter. you can't(... well you can and i can't do anything about it and if i was in the same position i would probably do the exact same thing.) just do that and leave us hanging! i mean come on. *pouts* please update soon
9/26/2006 c11 1whateva123
nice chapter.it was excellent n longer.hope to see a longer chapter.update soon.
9/24/2006 c11 2good2betrue
hey omg i love the story... in the begining i didnt want to read your story because it looked like you never updated but then i started to read it and it was soo good i just hope that you can update it really fast because i want to know

the story is going great... i wish i knew what happenes next, it looks like the next chapter will b a really good 1, will she be sent to the hospital, its a very sad story and i really like it. i think that within like 3 chapters she should get together with don umm wtvr but can u pls. n plz can update as soon as you can so i can know what happens thanks n i hope that she is safe your loyal reader2good2betrue
9/24/2006 c10 1Cara Deanna
it was a good chapter please update soon
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