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8/7/2010 c21 1KariandTK
I just found this story today and really liked it. I hope you write an epilogue for this or a sequel to the story. I really would like to find out if Kitty and David meet up again and have that farm that he wanted. :)
2/22/2010 c21 complications
Absolutely Brilliant! Fab-tab-u-listic.
12/21/2009 c7 Chocorange888
I was reading this and I thought it was great. Thank you so much for the great story!
10/3/2009 c21 AJ southern
so adorable :)
9/10/2009 c2 2DianaSweetie

David her ex?

WoW! Oh my!

didnt see that comming.

9/7/2009 c21 3VonThunder
Oh gosh! I loved it! It was really well written and just plain awesome :D
7/1/2009 c21 CharlotteBradhadair
as a whole i liked it but there where some things that i didn't like about though- what happened to Di?

10/25/2008 c21 5Kathleen Moon
once again...amazing...although I think it needs a prologue that kind of sums it all up. This is a good chapter, necessary in a way, but the story needs a little something more...an epilogue where Kitty and David are reunited, how he's been accepted into the pack...perhaps another mention to how Kitty's vision in the forest came true, a little something on how the rest of the living Shepards are holding up...and perhaps a little something extra on Evey, seeing as I'm quite fond of her.

Once again...find a publisher! Keep writing!
9/14/2008 c21 3naivete chica
i loved this story! and omg its almost 2am now, i have school tomorrow! thanks for another great story. i love the complicated situation kitty and david were in.. oh and my favourite scene was the motel, that was damn SEXY! i wish a hot guy would tie me onto a bed lol. xD but i hated when she kissed john back and was thinking 'he's so perfect'.. WHAT? it seemed so unexpected and out of context.. after all she went through to still have david around, i thought it was strange that she'd willingly kiss another man without feeling disgusted. and she never appologised and offered some kind of explanation to david. and then she was angry at david, it should have been the other way around! anyway i should go to sleep, please keep writing more!
8/26/2008 c5 Hopeless Romantic90
Romeo and fucking juliet in the making...love sucks! expecally when its your the one getting burned and not the way around! fucking hell!
8/17/2008 c21 gallowsCalibrator
This was an awesome story I found it yesterday when I was searching for another story and I thought this would be cool so I started reading and it was really awesome wow I just said that two times lol anyways it was awesome!

10/16/2007 c1 Diamandis
Is it really a happy ending, becuase we don't realy know if he comes back?
9/16/2007 c21 1A.V.Mackie
Ah lovely. Really great story, one with a happy ending for once! I'd love to see more of these characters, you could really do something with the world you have created. Anyway great stuff, I really enjoyed reading it.
6/5/2007 c21 2amo angel324
please update this i love it! and david!
4/2/2007 c10 alone
nice chap
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